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Career colleges trust to highlight exciting “new jobs”

Further training The FE News Channel provides you with the latest training news and updates on new training strategies and #FutureofEducation and #FutureofWork. We offer reliable and positive news and views on further education since 2003 and are a digital news channel with a mix of written word articles, podcasts and videos. Our specialization gives you a mix of the latest educational news, our position is always positive, sector building and shares different perspectives and opinions from thought leaders, to provide you with a think tank of new ideas and solutions to bring together the education sector and come up…

Madras University offers online courses focusing on jobs Chennai News – Times of India

CHENNAI: In an effort to increase the prospects for employability, the University of Madras plans to offer online degrees, diplomas, certificate courses to current undergraduate and graduate students from the academic year 2021-22. It has asked allboards of studiestocomeup with suggestions for new groundbreaking programs in its domains. In its plans for the situation after Covid-19, the university plans a driving force for online programs and proposes to introduce courses such as computer science, machine learning, business analysis, cyberforensics and psychology in addition to offering various certificate courses that will be conducted by the Department of Distance Education (IDE). In…

Driving jobs, the future of autonomous loading

Self-driving truck with head up screen on a road. From within. getty Autonomous vehicles are coming. Trucks transporting goods are likely to be the first vehicles to see widespread autonomous use. It's good for everyone. When we realize the importance of trucks for our economy and our way of life, it is easy to see the benefits of AV trucks. The freight business in America is a company worth $ 800 billion a year, which explains why the truck driver is number 1 in 29 states in America. But the age of the average truck driver is 57 years and…

Top 4 jobs from home in Metro Detroit and some practical advice for job seekers of pandemics

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (WXYZ) - Are you looking for work during a pandemic? It's not easy. But there are jobs out there. I heard from some of you about the process and sat down with the occupational physician for advice. In addition, she reveals the best work from home from Detroit 2021. I asked people on social media to share their quest for employment - whether their job search began in March last year or later.I heard back from job seekers of all ages.On my Instagram page, Kaycee507 wrote that her husband lost his job of 40 years back in June.She…

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