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School of Journalism and New Media

A University of Mississippi School of Journalism and New Media professor recently served as a live judge for Photos of the year International competition. Alysia Steele, associate professor of journalism, has practically judged the competition entry for the competition known by some as the oldest, most prestigious photo competition in the world. It began in 1943-44 and is held at the University of Missouri. This year, Steele said there are 28 judges divided into groups of four, and the competition will continue until March 7. "This competition is extremely important because it recognizes and celebrates the tremendous physical and emotional…

Lamps Market size 2021 | Business status, industry trends and forecast for 2027 – NeighborWebSJ

Request download example Prices and purchase options Lamps Market is growing at a faster pace with significant growth rates in recent years and it is estimated that the market will grow significantly during the forecast period, ie. 2019 to 2026. The study of Lamp market is known for providing a detailed analysis of the segments and revenue shares covered for market growth during the forecast period. Lamp's market research report studies the market through important segments such as product type, application, key companies and regions, end users and others. In addition, growth details and forecasts are validated in the report…

Comment: Every Kyian needs access to high-speed internet for school, teleworking and telecommunications

By Brigitte Blom Ramsey and Colby Hall 2021 is out competing, and already one topic still dominates the debate in our societies, the state and the nation: access to high-speed internet. Transmission speeds, medium miles, fiber, last mile, low-earth satellites ... for the average person, it's easy to get lost in the weeds. Technical terminology and complicated diagrams aside, what it's about is this ... Brigette Blom Ramsey Every Kentuckian from Pikeville to Paducah deserves the same thing: adequate and affordable high-speed internet that allows our children to go to school from home; supports remote job opportunities; and provides adequate…

Building Act – February 2021 – Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business

BENTON LAND AgReserves, 184301 S. Plymouth Road, $ 619,000 for two new advertising permits. Contractor: Hansen-Rice Inc. Agri-Northwest, 184301 S. Plymouth Industrial, $ 1.2 million for ag building. Contractor: Owner. Agri-Northwest, 184301 S. Plymouth Industrial, $ 1.2 million for new advertising. Contractor: Teton West of WA LLC. Agri-Northwest, 184301 S. Plymouth Industrial, $ 2.6 million for new advertising. Contractor: Teton West of WA LLC. Loren Miller, 92308 E. Locust Grove Road, $ 862,300 for new advertising. Contractor: Owner. FRANKLIN LAND Oakdell Egg Farms, 1831 E. Sagemoor Road, Pasco, $ 1.4 million for new advertising. Contractor: Circle K Enterprises. KENNEWICK Cedarview…

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