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A degree in criminology combines a variety of disciplines, including psychology, philosophy and, yes, criminal law - all to understand people and their behaviors. In addition to studying the mind and society, you will probably learn to approach, conduct and interpret research as a criminology...
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Market research software for employee monitoring programs with opportunities and strategies to increase growth – COVID-19 impact and recovery in 2021-2028 – Teramind, Veriato (SpectorSoft), SentryPC, NetVizor, InterGuard, Work Examiner, StaffCop

Lexis Business Insights Report on Employee monitoring software This report focuses on Global Employee monitoring software Market status, future forecast, growth opportunity, key market and key players. The aim of the study is to present Global Employee monitoring software Market development in the USA, Europe and China. The report also summarizes the different types of Global Employee monitoring software To market. Factors affecting market growth for a particular product category type and market status for it. A detailed study of Global Employee monitoring software The market has been made to understand the different applications of the product's use and functions.…

Why 760 is the only credit score that matters – and how to work your way forward

The best creditworthiness possible can be one perfect 850, but experts suggest that a 760-point gives you the same benefits.Generally have one good credit score pays off because it shows lenders and credit card issuers that you are more likely to repay your loan and thus less risky to lend money to. At 760, consumers are likely to qualify for the same top credit cards, loans and interest rates as they would with any higher score."The best published interest rates for car loans are 720+ and for mortgages 760+," says financial expert John Ulzheimer, formerly FICO and Equifax. CNBC Select.…

Midtown building owner, property manager convicted of violating Clean Air Act with asbestos work

February 27 - A 64-year-old Anchorage man and two companies were sentenced in federal court on Friday to violations of the Clean Air Act involving asbestos work at a shopping center in Midtown more than five years ago.The work was carried out at the Northern Lights Center in Anchorage, the former home of the city's REI store. Reports of potential asbestos exposure at the time closed the store for a day back in 2015.The federal case concerns the claim that four workers were exposed to asbestos during incorrect renovations with an old boiler room. Work was stopped when two of…

Office landlords in trouble when COVID collapses, employees work from home

Editor's Note: Business content from The New York Times will now be included in your Finance & Commerce subscription. Not a subscriber? Start your subscription here. ATLANTA - Richard Bowers owns and manages two downtown office towers on Peachtree Street. They have immaculately designed lobbies, panoramic views and share access to an upgraded conference center and a 20-station gym. The two buildings, which sit next to each other and count the Georgia Chamber of Commerce and the engineering company SL King & Associates among their tenants, are 90% rented. Due to the pandemic, however, they are only 10% occupied. Bowers…

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