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Israel to provide some coronavirus vaccines to Palestinians

JERUSALEM (AP) - Israel has agreed to send 5,000 doses of the coronavirus vaccine to the Palestinians to vaccinate frontline medical workers, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz's office announced on Sunday.It was the first time that Israel confirmed the transfer of vaccines to the Palestinians, which is far behind Israel's aggressive vaccination campaign and has not yet received any vaccines.The World Health Organization has expressed concern over the differences between Israel and Palestinians living in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip, and international human rights groups and UN experts have said Israel is responsible for Palestinian well-being in these…

Podcast: February 17, 2021

Liz Hornyak: This week's section ranks EMU's College of Business and College of Education nationally for having some of the best online degree programs, and the Michigan Department of Education awards Ypsilanti Public Schools a $ 15,000 scholarship to provide students with nutritious meals. I'm your host Liz Hornyak and this is the Easten Echo Podcast. US News and World Report has ranked EMU's integrated marketing program in 60th place in the country, and second place in the state of Michigan for being one of the best online degree programs. According to Kenneth Lord, this is not the first time…

Thousands of protest army takeovers in Myanmar’s largest city

YANGON, Myanmar (AP) - Thousands of people protested against the military takeover of Myanmar's largest city on Sunday, demanding the release of Aung San Suu Kyi, whose elected government was overthrown by the army, which also imposed an internet shutdown. The protest masses have become larger and bolder since Monday's coup. At least 2,000 union and student activists and members of the public chanted "Long Live Mother Suu" and "Down with Military Dictatorship" at a major intersection near Yangon University. They marched along a main road and spun traffic. Drivers honked their horns in support. Police in riot gear blocked…

With strikes in Syria, Biden confronts Iran’s military network

BEIRUT, Lebanon - Since President Biden entered the White House, Iranian-backed militants across the Middle East have struck an Saudi airport with an exploding drone and accused of murdering a critic in Lebanon and directing U.S. military personnel to an airport in northern Iraq , killed one Filipino entrepreneur and injured six others.On Thursday, the world got its first glimpse of how Mr. Biden is likely to approach one of the biggest security concerns of US partners in the region: the network of militias backed by Iran and committed to undermining the interests of the United States and its allies.US…

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