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California’s COVID-19 update today: The falls are falling, but will there be a new wave?

Tuesday's California coronavirus the press conference started positively: case numbers, hospital stays and other important metrics fall across the board.In the last 24 hours, 12,604 people have tested positive for COVID-19."We have not seen such a number in a long time," said Mark Ghaly, California's health and human services secretary.Transmission is still quite high in most California communities."The chance for a new wave in California is real. It's still circulating in our communities," Ghaly said. "Our cases are lowered but not low."All but four California counties are in the most restrictive purple level. Only two counties developed enough to change…

Double face masks? N95? Protect yourself against new Covid-19 variants with these worm upgrades

Like new, more contagious coronavirus variants circulate, doctors say it is important to improve the effectiveness of your masking methods - for example, by "double-masking" to wear two at once. Many studies have found it masks protect the carriers as well as those around them from the virus that causes Covid-19. "Now more than ever, the next four to six months are the most critical time to really pick up your mask," said John Volckens, a professor of mechanical engineering at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colo. But how do you mask better? And what other guidance on masking…

Tom Brady, Buc’s offense bounces back with five-touchdown romp by Panthers – Tampa Bay Buccaneers Blog

Nothing would get in the way of a Tampa Bay Buccaneers recovering from a miserable 38-3 loss to New Orleans Saints in prime time last week, one that members of Buc's coaching staff described as difficult to get a stomach, with defensive coordinator Todd Bowles saying, "Nothing worked."It was the loss of the left guard Ali Marpet - without a doubt their best offensive lineman - a second week in a row thanks to concussion. They had to change their exercise schedule on Thursday due to a tropical storm sweeping through the area. It was a 7½ hour plan delay…

Here’s who qualifies for a $ 1,400 incentive payment under the American Rescue Plan

House Democrats approved the $ 1.9 trillion US rescue plan early Saturday morning, which includes a provision for a third stimulus check of up to $ 1,400 for taxpayers and each of their relatives.Individuals who earn one adjusted gross income (AGI) up to $ 75,000 (and married couples earning up to $ 150,000) receive $ 1,400 each, plus $ 1,400 for each addiction. That means a eligible family of four will receive $ 5,600.After these income thresholds, the payments are phased out. Individuals earning an AGI over $ 100,000 per year and couples earning over $ 200,000 will not receive…

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