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We include products that we find useful for our readers. If you buy via links on this page, we can earn a small commission. Here is our process.Casper is a bedding brand that offers three different pillow types: original, foam and down.This article discusses the...

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Tucker Carlson: Bank of America handed over customer data to the Fed after the Capitol riot

There has been an enormous amount of talk - not just this week but last month - about violent extremism and the people who embrace it. We are told that these people are native terrorists which must be reduced by force. The war on terror has moved the state. Extremists are inside our country, and we must hunt them down. We hear these words non-stop, not just on cable news but from elected officials, including some Republicans. We hear it from federal leaders judiciary authorities and intelligence services. We hear it from Pentagon. Just this week, Secretary of Defense Lloyd…

Video shows attempted carjacking in Ramsey County; the sheriff’s office issues a criminal alert

Ramsey County Undersheriff Mike Martin told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS an increase in car jackings has continued despite the recent cold snap. He said the suspects in most of these thefts have been armed and the majority of them are in their mid to late teens. "There has been a dramatic increase in the number of hijackings and the number of cases of weapons as well," Martin said. "And the suspects also shoot at people, and in some cases, if they don't shoot at people, they shoot their weapons in the air to scare and intimidate their victims." Martin told KSTP…

Do not ignore "locking fatigue", Tells the British watchdog about CFOs

[embed][/embed]By Huw JonesLONDON (Reuters) - UK finance firms are suffering from "lockdown fatigue" and their executives do not always ensure that all employees can speak freely about their problems, the Financial Conduct Authority said on Monday.Many employees of financial companies have been working from home since the UK went into its first lockdown in March last year to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.One year later, the challenges have evolved from adapting to working remotely to dealing with mental health issues, says David Blunt, FCA's Chief Executive Officer."During this third shutdown, it has had a major impact on mental well-being, with many…

Princess Diana announced her second pregnancy on Valentine’s Day, as did Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

As mother as son!Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced on Valentine's Day that they are expecting their second child together. Their son Archie Harrison, who turns 2 on May 6, will soon be big brother.The date of their baby announcement is extra special since his deceased mother Princess Diana officially announced that she was expecting her second child - Harry - on Valentine's Day 1984.According to a archived Daily Express newspaper from that time, Diana's pregnancy was announced in a statement from Buckingham Palace in which Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip were "happy" with the news, adding that Diana, then…

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