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Credit unions bring digital technology

Share Tweet Share Share Share E-mailCredit unions have never deviated far from their original value bill. By their nature, they are built by the people and for the people and have used the spirit to compete against larger banks. And during the pandemic, the spirit of "helping people" worked to their advantage. Like a new CU blog posts stated: “While large banks put their richest customers first during the first roll-out of stimulus checks, credit unions were there to support their members with interest and fee relief and financial well-being tools. Our members do not forget that; but it is…

Biden’s CFPB candidate puts loan services, credit bureaus on notice

President Biden's nominated leader for consumer protection promised that the agency would come to the aid of student borrowers, consumers who tried to correct incorrect credit reports and homeowners who were hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic.Rohit Chopra's comments to the Senate Banking Committee on Tuesday were among the highlights of a comprehensive confirmation for him and Gary Gensler, a veteran regulator appointed to head the Securities and Exchange Commission.Democrats expressed concern over the lack of oversight of student loans from the CFPB during the Trump era. And legislators asked questions about mortgage rules and problems with consumer credit reports.…

Mississippi has a credit score – and it affects us all – the Daily Leader

When I first told the Mississippi that protecting our credit rating would be one of my top priorities, we had no idea what would happen to our finances. We did not expect a global pandemic at the time, nor did we expect so many Mississippians to be out of work as a trading post for a virtual stop. Especially in this economic environment, I was extremely proud to be able to keep my promise to you: We maintained a strong double A-rating across the entire 2020 line. A credit rating is the government equivalent of your credit score. As is…

How to fix your credit: 7 ways to fix your bad credit score for free (Credit Repair Guide)

Having bad credit can give you a variety of challenges, from loan approval to rental agreements for your apartment. Understanding how your credit score works is the first step in determining how to fix your credit. Keep your credit card in your wallet at the moment. We have done the survey so that you can focus on fixing your credit and reaching the financial goals on your dream list. Get started with credit repairs Managing credit bureaus is a necessary evil for most people living in the United States. For younger people in their 20s and early 30s, their experiences…

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