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Gripping coyote spotted roaming through Central Park

CENTRAL PARK, Manhattan (WABC) - A coyote was spotted in Central Park last week - a rare sighting of the wild dog that had previously been spotted in January.The wild dog was seen roaming around last Monday near Conservatory Water, a pond on the east side of the park near 74th Street.Coyotes have been reported to live in New York City for the past 30 years, but only one is reportedly known to live in Central Park.The NYC Parks Department says that anyone who sees the animal should stay calm and contact Park's staff if it appears aggressive or fearless.TRENDING:…

Dallas police are dying after being hit by a suspected drunk driver, officials said

Police stood outside his car and blocked an existing crash site when he was beaten, according to authorities. DALLAS - This story will be updated throughout the day when new information is released. A Dallas police officer has died after being hit by a suspected drunk driver at an existing crash site early Saturday morning, officials said. Police said the officer blocked the crash site in the northbound lanes of the North Central Expressway at Walnut Hill Lane around 1 p.m. 45 when he was beaten. A 32-year-old man who was driving a Kia Forte reportedly beat the officer while…

Oran Hall | Buying a home on the market with NHT financing

QUESTION: I am a contributor to the National Housing Trust (NHT) and have never received a benefit and am keen to own my own home but prefer to buy one on the open market even if I have to make some repairs after acquiring it. Since I work in the business area, my preference is also one in that area for convenience. I prefer open market loans because only a few NHT systems are developed within the business area, so the chance of buying a unit in any such system is small. How do I get a loan to buy…

Fox’s favorites share biblical messages of perseverance: God has ‘overcome all’

Amidst political polarization and unrest, Fox hosts Abby Hornacek and Shannon Bream sits down with Ainsley Earhardt to talk Holy Bible who converse of unity, energy, and the wants of the nation right now.Earhardt, host Fox Nationin "Ainsley Bible Research, "selected part of the gospel in response to John that provides him peace, realizing that God has completely endured all adversity, and we as His kids can do the identical."I've instructed you these items, in order that in me you'd be peace on this planet you have got tribulation However take coronary heart;.. I've overcome the world." John 16:33.“I really…

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