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The Neon Museum honors Las Vegas’ first integrated casino hotel

The short-lived Moulin Rouge Casino and Hotel, the first large racially integrated property that played a role in stopping segregation in Las Vegas, is the subject of a new exhibit at the Neon Museum.The Museum of Gaming History placed the artifacts in the Moulin Rouge in the Neon Museum's La Concha Visitor Center. They include promotional materials, game chips, souvenirs, crockery and postcards.Opened in 1955 in the Westside area of ​​downtown Las Vegas but closed the same year, the Moulin Rouge was the site of a central civil rights meeting in March 1960 that led to the beginning of the…

British quarantine hotel “a death sentence” for at-risk Britons, says cancer patient

A British man undergoing treatment for stage four cancer says he is trapped abroad because it would be medically unsafe for him to return to a quarantine hotel.“I could not do the hotel. I think I would go on a stretcher, says Michael Thomas, who is stuck in Madeira with his wife and 14-year-old daughter.Thomas, 68, is undergoing treatment for stage four incurable cancer, so he had been protected since the pandemic began. He flew out to the Portuguese archipelago for a family holiday in December, but said he had received advice from his doctor and oncologist that it would…

Loop hotel owners get a big new loan

The financing, which includes both senior loans and mezzanine loans, was used to pay off a $ 68 million construction loan and an undiscovered amount of preferred capital from Goldman Sachs that supported Prime Group's conversion of nearly $ 140 million from the historic building to the 381-room hotels opened in 2015, Reschke said. The previous loan was raised in 2013 and matures last year, forcing Prime Group to refinance in the midst of a crisis that has stunned the hospitality industry and made it particularly difficult for lenders to accurately value hotels. Reschke refused to share information about the…

Hotel companies that turn to Aptech’s browser-based PVNG accounting solution in the middle of the pandemic

PITTSBURGH, February 16, 2021 - As hoteliers continue to use this time of low occupancy to improve their properties, many have thought it was the perfect opportunity to also upgrade their back-of-house systems to optimize efficiency. Aptech, the industry standard for hospitality management, has seen a sharp increase in its browser-based PVNG accounting solution. Since the pandemic began, 166 hotels either switched from Aptech's older Profitvue accounting solution to PVNG or added PVNG as new customers last year. Aptech Vice President Cam Troutman said he expects at least as many (if not more) hotels to switch to PVNG 2021 or…

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