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Safety increases in Tampa before Super Bowl LV

TAMPA, Fla - All eyes will be on the big game Super Bowl on Sunday, but law enforcement will keep an eye out for anyone who wants to ruin all the fun. The FBI announced on Friday that they would be ready to respond to all threats surrounding Super Bowl LV through intelligence exchanges, personnel and the Joint Terrorism Task Force. To do this, the agency says it has activated an Intelligence Operations Center, which is compromised by representatives from 17 different federal, city, state, local and private partners. St. Petersburg and Hillsborough County Coast Guard announced that they would…

Weekly Jobless Claims rise unexpectedly as Americans wait for stimulus

Workers are still losing jobs left and right, and relief cannot come soon enough.In April 2020, US unemployment hit a record high, and while things have improved since then, we are not out in the woods as far as redundancies go. In fact, for the week ending February 13, new unemployment claims amounted to 861,000, reports the US Department of Labor. This is significantly higher than the 773,000 unemployed claim analysts expected, and it is also part of the reason why legislators are working to give the public more relief.Help is on the wayIn January, President Biden shared the details…

iPhone 13 rumors: Release date, price and another new feature Android had first

Apple's iPhone 11, 12 Pro Max and SE phones. Andrew Hoyle/CNET Apple's iPhone 12 lineup has only been on virtual shelves for a few months, and already the mobile phone world has turned its attention to the iPhone 13 (or whatever Apple names its next flagship) and the three other variants expected to join the lineup: the iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. The latest rumor: a 120Hz always-on display à la the Apple Watch (and like many Android phones have had for years).Rumors were circulating about Apple's 2021 phone lineup…

Another California Democrat is accused of violating orders for coronavirus

Diana Becton, District Attorney for California Contra Costa County is accused of enforcing state and local coronavirus regulations, which reportedly violate those rules during the summer to host a wedding reception in her Bay Area backyard, according to local reports.She left notes for her neighbors and warned that there would be "20 to 30" extra cars parked in the area during the celebrations on August 1, according to San Francisco Chronicle. It happened while the county was being monitored for a high risk of COVID-19 transmission.She told the newspaper that she had held a "small outdoor wedding and followed state…

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