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Scottish mesothelioma sufferer secures £ 1.3m after Court of Session prioritises case under COVID-19 lockdown | Lexology

Our client A was diagnosed with mesothelioma in January 2019. He was only 48 years old. He contracted the disease after being exposed to asbestos fibers during his work in Scotland between November 1989 and September 1992. Thorough investigations were carried out before it was certain that there was enough to go ahead with a case against A's previous employer - a large organization in the public sector. However, the case was filed in court days before the suspension, which ensured a firm path and schedule against a resolution. With unknown times during the shutdown, the Sessions Court agreed to…

Runaway’s rocker Cherie Currie remembers her late mother, actress Marie Harmon in the 1940s: ‘A true star to the end’

Runaways rocker Cherie Currie pays tribute to her late mother, Marie Harmon, an actress from the 1940s who however, Friday at age 97.Harmon's death was confirmed on Instagram Friday by her daughter, Sonda Currie, also an actress, who starred in all three films in Bradley Cooper's "The Hangover" franchise, among others. Harmon died of natural causes in Los Angeles.Cherie also celebrated her mother and tweeted "Rest in peace mother" with a heart emoji.The "Cherry Bomb" singer opened up in more detail about his mother's legacy in a statement shared with Fox News. She revealed that while her mother had achieved…

Levin declares Biden’s executive order unconstitutional: “As Benito Mussolini hands out declarations”

Democrats are trying to impose their long-term leftist ideology on America through court packaging and the president's fiat. "Life, Liberty & Levin"host Mark Levin told"Hannity"Wednesday. "I watched Biden sign these executive orders as Benito Mussolini handing out declarations, "Levin told host Sean Hannity."[Meanwhile,] they are trying to have an ideological court system. It violates the separation of powers. This is Article I attacking Article III. The federalization of state election laws in this HR [House Resolution] 1 that Nancy Pelosi has pushed to make the states of California so that they can never lose an election - the Democrats -…

Gutfeld on San Francisco teachers claiming Bernie Sanders in gloves at inauguration embodies “White privilege”

What do you see when you see an older man in giant gloves?If you say, "Mike Tyson in a replay "you would be right.It's the same if you said, 'Bernie Sanders at the inauguration. "But if you say "ah, it's a proof of white privilege" you are paying attention teacher drives a mind-cult.SAN FRANCISCO TEACHER SAYS BERNIE SANDERS IN THE MIDDLE OF EPITOMIZED WHITE 'MAN PRIVILEGE'A general schoolteacher, who writes in an op-ed for the San Francisco Chronicle, says Bernie's gloves and puffy jacket on the opening day embodied white, male and class privileges. (She left out bare and short-sighted…

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