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Trump is gearing up for war with his own party

According to three people familiar with the plan, Trump will soon begin investigating candidates in Mar-a-Lago who are eager to fulfill his promise to take revenge on incumbent Republicans who have despised him and to secure every open GOP seat in the 2022 midterms. a MAGA-approved challenger competing for it. Trump has already received dozens of requests from potential candidates trying to present themselves and get their approval, and formal meetings with them could begin as early as March. Now that Trump has survived his second congressional hearing against the Senate, he has shifted his focus to activism after the…

Your credit may be why your car insurance is so high

By Kayda NormanIf you can not afford to pay all your bills right now, the last thing you need is car insurance. But that's exactly what can happen if your credit drops low enough (and you live in a state where insurers can charge more for it).Drivers with bad credit pay on average 77% more than drivers with good credit in states where it is allowed - even with identical driving histories, according to NerdWallets analysis. Exercise is not allowed in California, Hawaii, Massachusetts or Michigan.Having bad credit can even raise interest rates more than a new DUI, in some…

Chiefs vs. Tyreek Hill

TAMPA, Fla. - Like most NFL corners, Carlton Davis plays with a short-term memory but never forgets a bad performance.Third-year pros and the rest of the Tampa Bay Young Secondary were dominated by Tyreek Hill during the regular season and are eager to redeem themselves against the fast-paced Kansas City Chiefs receiver in the Super Bowl.Hill had 13 receptions for 269 yards and three touchdowns in a 27-24 victory over the Bucs on Nov. 29. He had seven catches for 203 yards and a pair of TDs in the opening quarter alone, with Davis playing the singles single."I play defensively…

Temple provides food for people in need

CBCCharge is over. These four threats are now being raised against Donald TrumpHe warned you. Long ago at the beginning of his political adventure, Donald Trump believed that his supporters would stay with him forever, even if he pulled out a gun and shot someone in the middle of an avenue in Manhattan. Fortunately, that proposal has never been tested. Yet his second accusation, and the 57-43 vote that led to his acquittal, have succeeded in exposing thorny truths about American politics and his indelible place in it. An obvious departure from this unusual episode is that the exile provisions…

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