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5 common mistakes that lead to low credit rating

Some common mistakes that you should avoid so that you can maintain a high credit rating.If you are planning to take out a loan, here is an open secret - your credit score will play a key role in determining your eligibility for the loan. In addition, not only is your eligibility affected by your score, a high credit rating can also help you avail the loan on more favorable terms, e.g. lower interest rates than those with lower points. Not paying attention to your score can thus cost you dearly in the long run.What is creditworthiness?Credit score is a…

More consumers are complaining about errors in their credit reports

Lenders use the score as a snapshot of whether you are likely to repay a loan. Points can also be checked when you apply for a job or a lease. The higher the score, the better. Paying bills on time and keeping credit card ages low helps increase your score.Due to the complexity of the credit reporting system, consumers may feel weak when they find an error and try to fix it.A student borrower in California, for example, complained in December of a 200-point drop in credit due to "incorrect" information reported by a student borrower. The service said it…

Historical tax credit in jeopardy

MINNESOTA - For 11 years, Minnesota Historic Tax Credit has created economic benefit throughout the state, but this credit risks disappearing this year. The Minnesota Historic Tax Credit provides a 20% reimbursement of eligible costs for remodeling properties listed in the National Register of Historic Places. To qualify for the tax credit, a project must be in the National Historic Register, it must be income-generating and it must be a comprehensive rehabilitation project. The tax deduction was created in 2010 during the peak of the economic recession. The tax credit was a method of stimulating construction projects. The non-profit Rethos…, Custom Metal Credit Card Manufacturer, Launches Updated EMV Chip Transplant Procedure

TAMPA, Fla., February 8, 2021 Since August 2016, (MCC) has been talking about their proprietary trade secret procedure; the BETA EMV Chip Swap ™ procedure. Its function was to transplant an active EMV chip from a plastic debit or credit card to a new metal card. The initial procedure, developed by the MCC founder, Vincent Torres, consisted of heat guns set to high temperature, prayer and much trial and error. But in February 2017, the heat gun process was phased out and considered too dangerous to continue the process with end products. Since then, MCC has made the BETA…

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