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Some restaurants offer delicious specials for Super Bowl LV

Burger // Epic burgers Food will be an important staple as you support the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LV from the living room. At least ten companies in Kansas City will offer special offers for the Super Bowl. Along with food, Kansas City Chiefs merchandise and artwork can also be delivered to your front door. We have the details so that time can be read on reading other articles from The plan instead of searching for these special offers. Fat Sully's Fat Sully's New York Pizza offers meals on the go, some of which include half an ice…

5 Things You Need To Know Today In Worcester – February 12, 2021

In today's daily 5 things you need to know feature, explores five important things and stories that Worcester and Central Massachusetts residents should keep an eye on.These five things can cover a whole range of topics and issues that we believe are relevant to understanding what is happening in the city and towns around Worcester.In today's issue - February 12, 2021 - BubbleBee Cafe celebrates one year anniversary today, South High is hosting a virtual open house this month, Amtrak is buying one, getting a free sale, car insurance in Massachusetts is not the cheapest in the US by…

MarylandVarsity – 2021 Maryland Excessive Faculty Soccer Preview: Montgomery County 4A

Maryland Varsity is releasing our full preview of this convention for the 2021 soccer season now!Click on right here to learn the complete article---------------------- What different protection do I lack by not subscribing?Soccer participant rating High 225 in 2021 High 230 in 2022 High 50 years 2023Convention Preview 2020 Montgomery County 2A / 3A - 1/25 Montgomery County 4A north - 1/26 Montgomery County 4A West - 1/27 Prince George's County 2A / 1A Prince George's County 4A / 3A Southern Maryland Chesapeake Southern Maryland Potomac Higher Chesapeake Bay Chesapeake Higher Chesapeake Bay Susquehanna Washington Catholic Capital Washington Catholic Subway…

Parents of abducted Nigerian girls tried to pull them out of school before they were taken

ABUJA, Nigeria - Days before gunmen stormed a high school in the northwestern state of Zamfara, Nigeria, and kidnapped hundreds of schoolgirls, school officials and local security officials, warning of danger in the city, especially in the area where the school is located, according to local residents.On Friday, heavily armed militants arrested at least 315 girls living at Government Girls Secondary School in the city of Jangebe. The militants arrived on motorcycles at 1:30 local time and marched the abducted girls into the nearby forest, leaving the victims' family members worried and anxious. Residents said "strange men" had patrolled the…

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