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If you ever needed remote access to a computer, you've probably tried VPN or other apps like TeamViewer. However, this type of software only works within the remote computer, which means that it cannot access the BIOS, restart, install an operating system, or turn on...

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‘SNL’ hosts Marjorie Taylor Greene, GameStop and Tom Brady

So the NBC-kind program opened its program on Saturday night, with cast member Kate McKinnon hosting a show that asked what still works in America. The first category was "government"."Our first topic is government and I already doubt it," McKinnon said.Greene, played by Cecily Strong, came out and immediately offered McKinnon a gun."So Congresswoman Greene ... hard to say those words together," McKinnon said. "What are some of the theories you believe in?"Strongs Greene replied, "How much time do you have?"After hearing some of Greene's theories, McKinnon asked if she really believed in these things and then asked if she…

Congress makes big change in income-based repayment: What student borrowers should know

A provision in the Senate's new stimulus proposal excludes temporary forgiveness for student loans from ... [+] taxation. This has major consequences for student borrowers who expect to receive a loan forgiveness through income-driven repayment programs. Getty Senate on Saturday approved President Biden's $ 1.9 trillion massive stimulus package. Included in the legislation is a small but large tweak to the Student Loans Act that can have significant effects on student borrowers who repay their loans according to income-driven repayment plans. Specifically, a provision in the stimulus legislation temporarily exempts student loans from federal taxation. This has major implications for…

Rapid Recon helps dealers to streamline the reconditioning of used cars

Simkin's job title is service director, but he's more like an air traffic controller keeping track of all used vehicles as he goes through the reconditioning process.As soon as the store closes the deal on a used vehicle, the texts begin to fly into the store's six "buckets" - purchase, service, parts, details, photo and finally the front line, this is where the images for online ads are shot. All used vehicles renovated at Performance receive new filters, oil changes, new windshield wiper blades and an inspection that can lead to further repairs.Rapid Recon software helps speed up the journey…

Extremism in the US military has been a problem for quite some time, says the expert

Leo Shane III, deputy editor of the Military Times, warned CNBC that extremism in the US military "has been a problem for quite some time", as concerns grow after a number of former and current military members took part in the Capitol uprising last month."We know that especially white nationalist groups, extremist groups like to recruit soldiers because of the skills they bring with them," Shane said. "These are desirable things if you have these crazy ideas about running a revolution ... We've seen for years that they're focused on social media, fed false information."Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin ordered…

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