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Larry King’s widow Shawn King plans to contest the star’s will in court

Larry Kings widow Shawn King planning on on the way to court.Last week, the broadcast legend handwritten will was revealed, who reportedly stated that his $ 2 million property would be divided between his five children.The document, which was reportedly compiled on October 17, 2019, two months after King applied divorce from Shawn, does not mention her at all and also lists his now deceased children Chaia and Andy as beneficiaries. His will was written several months before loss of Andy, 65, and Chaia, 51. The two died within weeks of each other. His three remaining children - Larry King,…

Hall of Fame WR, Cris Carter, talks Super Bowl LV at MacDill Air Force Base

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) - Service members at MacDill Air Force Base spent part of their Thursday with a Hall of Fame recipient, Cris Carter. Carter, who spent most of his career with the Minnesota Vikings, visited the base to thank the service members for everything they do for this country. "Most soldiers come from ordinary places," said Carter, "and if you look around the National Football League, most of us come from ordinary places, so we have something in common and try to do extraordinary things. I think that sometimes we as citizens take for granted all the luxury we…

NASA’s endurance robot saw when the sky crane crashed on Mars (photo)

Perseverance Mars rover's descent phase "sky crane" made the ultimate victim last week, and we now have a photo to commemorate the flying death of the flying robot.The rocket-propelled crane lowered the car Endurance rover to the floor in Mars Jezero crater on cables last Thursday (February 18), giving the rover's disturbing "seven minutes of terror" sequence, EDL sequence to a successful end. Shortly after the rover's wheels moved down, the skies to crash land deliberately flew a safe distance away - and endurance snapped a photo of the impact's immediate aftermath, NASA announced on Wednesday (February 24).Video: Endurance detects…

Super Bowl LV ticket prices continue to fall days before the big game

Prices vary from place to site and most online sellers now require tickets to be purchased in blocks of two, four or six, but at Gametime the lowest price on Wednesday for a single seat was down to $ 4,965, more than $ 1,000 less than the price just a day earlier. On Thursday, the cheapest ticket had taken another dive to $ 3,973. The numbers were similar at several other web-based ticket brokers. .

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