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Trump lawyers blow up trial as “political theater”

WASHINGTON (AP) - Donald Trump's lawyers on Monday blew up the indictment against him as an act of "political theater" by Democrats, whom they accused of exploiting for their own party's gain chaos and trauma of last month's riots in the US capital.In a summary filed before the Senate trial, the lawyers for the former president attacked the case for several reasons and foresaw legal and constitutional arguments that they intend to present when the trial begins in earnest on Tuesday.They suggest that Trump simply exercised his rights to the first amendment when he contested the election results and claim…

Fauci: Distribution of US Covid-19 vaccine “will get better very quickly”

"We are obviously aware of the problems that exist and, as you know, President (Joe) Biden has made this its top priority to try to level all this with a number of mechanisms, whether it is to ensure that when we get vaccines, we can get community vaccine centers, get them better distributed to pharmacies and even in some respects, get mobile devices to go out in inaccessible areas, "Fauci told CNN's Wolf Blitzer in the" Situation Room. ""So we are aware that there are problems out there. But as the President has said, the question we will do is…

Tom Brady, Buccaneers Beat Drew Brees, Saints to Advance to NFC Championship | Bleacher report

Brett Duke / Associated PressThe Tampa Bay Buccaneers were aiming for a Super Bowl title from the moment they signed Tom Brady. Now they are one game closer to achieving that goal after beating the New Orleans Saints 30-20 in the NFC Division Round.Tampa Bay is competing in the conference championship for the fourth time in franchise history.The Saints came across the Bucs in both of their regular season meetings but could not make it three in a row.For obvious reasons, this was billed as a battle between two legendary quarterbacks, Brady and Drew Brees. Neither quarterback excelled, and Brees…

Liability insurance for business leaders is increasing

Ministers and business leaders have expressed concern about the high cost of insuring UK board members after prices more than doubled in the past year on concerns about corporate governance and pandemic-related claims.UK government officials are talking to managers in the insurance sector about the rising cost of serving as a director, according to people familiar with the situation, given the growing fear that smaller companies in particular are struggling to bear the burden.According to insurance costs, the cost of insurance will rise even further the prospect of new rules which can make the board members personally responsible for the…

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