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The CUNA Financial Counseling Certification Program eSchool was announced

As credit counselors have a proven impact on reducing crime rates, CUNA has announced CUNA eCool Financial Counseling Certification Program (FiCEP) held from 9 June to 25 August. eSchool is designed for a variety of credit union staffing positions for credit unions to offer financial advisory expertise to its members. Participants in eSchool have the opportunity to obtain Certified Credit Union Financial Counselor (CCUFC) certification. Since 2011, credit unions with at least one CCUFC have had an average decline of 52.7% in criminal interest rates. “The CUNA Financial Counseling Certification Program is an excellent opportunity for credit unions to offer…

Comment: Prioritization of academic program neglects space for grief on campus Ithacan

I, like so many others, am appalled at the impending decision that the resizing of the college will go ahead. But resizing is not the problem, it is a symptom of the problem. The real problem is the other unsustainable models that the university does not seem to shake. From a growing trust in an abusive faculty system, to the taps on the wrist for racist, homophobic and powerful teaching of permanent faculties and the trial of staff who dare to question their organizational divisions, the wounds Tom Rochon inflicted were still fresh beginnings of President Collados inauguration. Like a…

Narconon Centers celebrates the 55th anniversary of the Narconon program

On Friday, February 19, 2021 , the worldwide Narconon network of drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers reached a remarkable milestone: 55 years to save lives LOS ANGELES, February 19, 2021 / PRNewswire / - To celebrate the 55th anniversary of the Narconon program, Narconon centers around the world honored their dedicated staff which, despite a global pandemic, provides a real solution for those suffering from addiction. The anniversary marks more than half a century of dedicated service by Narconon's staff to tens of thousands of individuals, helping them build new lives and restore them to their families. In these times…

Nevada’s Clean Cars program wins big, the report shows

Nevada's efforts to adopt one Rena cars Nevada according to an independent consultant report released today by Shulock Consulting. The report shows that the program will lead to a saving potential for new vehicle owners, avoid millions of tons of climate pollution annually and help improve public health by reducing smog and toxic air pollution. The program has already received unmatched support in Nevada with over 70 organizations represents business leaders, conservationists, science, public health, labor representatives, local authorities, consumer groups and non-profit organizations that support the program and are part of the Nevada Clean Cars Coalition. A triple gain…

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