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This is exactly when you can get the New Johnson & Johnson vaccine

The United States is currently in a race against the clock that states are trying get so many americans vaccinated before new variants begin to take over nationwide. Now a very exciting new development this weekend will make that task a little easier: A third COVID-19 vaccine from Johnson & Johnson has been approved for emergency use in the US It's not only 100 percent effective against hospital stays and deaths, but it is also administered in just one shot, potentially doubling our progress in getting the coveted 70 percent to 85 percent of the population vaccinated to achieve herd…

Connecticut man accused of starting Molotov cocktail fires aimed at ambulances

Connecticut State Police Sergeant Paul Makuc said at a news conference on Sunday that the suspect started the fires for several hours on Saturday. The first occurred in the town of Old Saybrook. There was also one in Meriden and the two in Roxbury, Makuc said.The suspect is alleged to have targeted Emergency Medical Services agencies in the state on Saturday, the old Saybrook Fire Department said in a Facebook post.Torrington, Connecticut, fled the state and was taken into custody Saturday night in Pennsylvania, according to the Facebook post. An officer issued to the Middletown suspect lists allegations of third-degree…

Labor voters go from Democratic to Republican

WASHINGTON - The departure of Donald Trump has brought a more normal rhythm back to politics in Washington, but outside the Beltway, deeper forces are reshaping the partisan landscape.Data from the NBC News survey shows that voters made up of the two major parties are changing and a massive change is coming into employment: the types of jobs that Democrats and Republicans do. There are signs that across racial and ethnic demographic groups, Republicans are becoming the party of Americans with American collars and change is happening fast.If the movement continues, it could have a very large impact on GOP's…

Pompeo leans into a pro-Trump file in fiery CPAC numbers

In a speech focusing on the Bill of Rights, Pompeo slammed Democrats, claiming they "pretended to care about jobs in America" ​​and tore up the Biden administration for cutting a key permit for the proposed Keystone XL pipeline. He dismissed his predecessor as Secretary of State John Kerry, now Biden's climate envoy, for proposing in a January press release that fossil fuel workers who lost their jobs could "create ... solar panels." "You ask the good people in the middle of Texas, Oklahoma or Kansas, or South Dakota or Pennsylvania, do you think petroleum engineers and rig hands will make…

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