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article Homeowners insurance is important when buying a new home and to protect your most valuable asset. It only takes a few minutes to compare prices and get the best home insurance. (iStock) This is a common question from those who are preparing to buy...
The Texas Department of Transportation database shows that it existed 2,659 Vehicle accidents were reported in Midland, Texas 2020. Finding the best car insurance Midland is important to protect yourself in the event of an accident.All states require car insurance. Capturing driving without insurance in...

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Best Cheap Car Insurance in Lincoln | Bank interest

The average price of car insurance in Lincoln, Nebraska, is $ 409 per year for minimum coverage and $ 1,334 per year for full coverage. Fortunately, this is lower than the national average. Another big statistic is the low number of fatal crashes in Lincoln. Although there were 6,253 crashes in Lancaster County in 2019, only 24 were actually fatal (which is a small number considering Lincoln is a large urban area). Although Lincoln drivers pay good prices compared to the rest of the country, there is no reason for them to pay more than is necessary. To determine the…

Choose new car insurance? Here are six types of coverage policies

Your car insurance should be tailored to your needs and budget. Learn more about popular types of car insurance, additional coverage you can buy and tips for choosing the right insurance at the best price. (iStock)With so many insurance options available, choosing the right type of car insurance for your vehicle can be overwhelming. Depending on your driving habits, lifestyle needs and minimum requirements, it is easy to accidentally choose too much - or too little - automatic coverage. These are among the most common car insurance options available:Collision coverageExtensive coverageLiability coverageMedical payment coverageProtection against personal injuryUninsured and underinsured motor…

Long-distance COVID-19 cases can plague the company industry – business insurance

Reports of long-term symptoms of COVID-19 have experts who are concerned about how these "long-term" cases may affect workers' compensation systems. With symptoms varying widely and the unknown over how long they will persist, the company industry must prepare for the possibility of long-term cases of coronavirus, experts say. Twenty states either have COVID-19 assumptions in place or are considering such legislation for a virus whose overall effect is not yet known. "We just do not know what our tort team will see later, and without long-distance research, we definitely need to know," said Kimberly George, Chicago-based senior vice president…

Canadian banks, insurance companies owe $ 1.2 billion in employees’ vacation pay, according to class action lawsuit CBC News

When Leigh Cunningham of Winnipeg left her 26-year career as an investment advisor at RBC Dominion Securities, she did the math and realized that for decades she had not received a six percent vacation pay on her full income. Cunningham has filed a proposed $ 800 million class action lawsuit against thousands of advisers. She claims that RBC, as reported last week soaring profits, has systematically shortened workers by not providing proper holiday pay to advisers whose compensation is mainly based on commissions and bonuses. "It's just wrong," Cunningham told CBC News. "As employees, we help create that profit." Cunningham's…

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