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You are probably familiar with AAA as a road supplier, but did you know that some drivers can also get AAA motorcycle insurance? However, AAA does not offer motorcycle coverage in all states - it all depends on your local AAA club. In this article,...

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Signature collectors collect signatures in support of revoking Gavin Newsom's government / Photo by Adriana Heldiz Schools, and when they will reopen for personal education, have become the biggest political issue in the state. The former mayor of San Diego, Kevin Faulconer, is running for governor and has talked about a little more. We are old enough to remember that we wrote post after post and tried to get him fired to meet the challenge of how we would open schools again and were not very lucky. Now the fire is there. Anyway, schools. It was a great week: The…

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In March, the term "underlying condition" was used to reassure healthy Americans about their risk when COVID-19 overwhelmed New York City's hospitals. Media reports said over and over that underlying health conditions posed a huge risk to Americans.But in many states, people living with severe underlying conditions are still waiting for COVID-19 vaccines, prioritized under lower-risk individuals. Suddenly, it seems that the underlying health condition is not considered high enough risk.We live with cystic fibrosis (CF), a rare and deadly genetic disease associated with respiratory failure and failure. The year 2019 was the median age for individuals with CF in…

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ATLANTA, GA - As the tax season draws to a close, a number of Georgians are discovering that they may be victims of unemployment insurance fraud. Consumers say they received a 1099-G form from the Ministry of Labor indicating that they owe taxes on unemployment benefits they received in 2020. The benefits actually went to identity thieves who used consumers' names and social security numbers to file false unemployment claims and collect the benefit money. "These scams are not only hurting the struggling Georgians, they are also putting an additional strain on the Ministry of Labor at a time when…

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His video was ricocheted around the Republican universe on Thursday night and Friday, not because it was critical of Trump - as Sasse and other traditionalists have been in the past - but because it so directly challenged Trump's most eager followers. They form a massive base of Republican voters, which frightens many party companies. In the face of Trump's second indictment - and even with the former GOP's vote number falling apart - Sasse is still an outlier in his desire to condemn the president's false claims and other actions. That makes him a study in contrast to pro-Trumpers…

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