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The man wakes up from an 11-month coma, as the family weighs how to explain the pandemic to him: report

A teenager from UK has woken up from an approximately 11-month-long coma, which has led to his family weighing how they will explain coronavirus pandemic to him, according to reports this week. Joseph Flavill, 19, of Staffordshire, suffered a serious brain injury after being hit by a car on March 1, 2020, about three weeks before Britain entered its first national lockdown. "He will not know anything about the pandemic because he has been asleep for ten months," his aunt, Sally Flavill Smith, told the Guardian on Tuesday. "A year ago, if someone had told me what would happen in…

The Hall of Fame show has the Dodgers World Series victory

COOPERSTOWN, NY (AP) - The Baseball Hall of Fame has opened an honorary exhibit Los Angeles Dodgers'' World Series Championship 2020, including multiplayer game items.Dodgers defeated Tampa Bay Rays in six games to win the franchise's first league title in 32 years.Among the items donated by the team are: the ball used by Clayton Kershaw for introductory pitch for Game 1 of the First World Series with a neutral place in history; a bat used by the World Series MVP Corey Seager in game 6; and a road shirt worn by Mookie Betts in games 3, 4 and 5. Other…

Alarming statistics about truck accidents

Trucks are important for transporting goods all over the country. In the absence of these trucks, many of us would be without food, gasoline or other everyday products. Although these trucks are advantageous, they pose a great danger to other motor vehicles that split the road due to their enormous size and weight. Truck accidents often have catastrophic injuries and cause serious injuries or even death.Every year there is a worrying increase in the statistics on injuries and deaths in trucks, which are provided by the lawyers in the truck accidents Reye's law firm in Dallas, TX. The data further…

State seeking feedback on changes to the COVID steering wheel

past: Colleen Flynn, Courtney Fromm Posted: 30 Jan 2021 / 18:54 MST / Updated: 30 Jan 2021 / 22:57 MST DENVER (KDVR) - The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) has drafted a new framework to determine the level of restrictions a county is in and seeks feedback on these changes. The current COVID-19 steering wheel has six different levels with different factors that determine which level each county is placed on. Officials say they met several different departments to create a framework that is more responsive to local conditions. "Dial has been a useful tool to help…

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