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LLBean’s Extra-Warm Bean Boots are $ 140 off right now

By all the technical winter hiking and mountaineering boots I have used, I have become a big fan of Bean Boot from LLBean. They have been a good city boot for wading through New York's slushy snowdrifts and gutter lagoons, and they've also great for working on the farm or improvised day trips. In other words, they are a good all-round boot - and they are half gone right now. LLBean sells some versions of its Bean Boots. These are a limited edition, and they are the warmest available, with swollen PrimaLoft synthetic insulation and a waterproof Gore-Tex lining -…

Ask the Fool: Are rising interest rates good or bad? | Post Bulletin

A: High interest rates are good for savers, as bank accounts and depository receipts (CDs) will, among other things, offer more interest. Annuities purchased when prices are high will also pay more. Newly developed bonds will offer higher interest rates - but bond funds and those who want to sell existing bonds with older, lower interest rates will strike. At the same time, higher interest rates can damage interest rate-sensitive sectors of the economy. The price of gold often falls when, for example, interest rates rise. Properties are particularly affected: When interest rates are high, home buyers (even those with…

Fauci, CDC encourages Americans to watch the Super Bowl at home with the household

Dr. Fauci says major events like Sunday's game in Tampa, Florida, between the Kansas City Chief and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are always a cause for concern. WASHINGTON - The nation's foremost contagious expert does not want the Super Bowl to turn into one super spreader. Dr. Anthony Fauci says that when it comes to Super Bowl parties during the pandemic, people "should just lie down and cool it down." He said during TV interviews on Wednesday that now is not the time to invite people to bell parties because of the possibility that they are infected with the coronavirus…

COVID-19 vaccines for stress test stores and pharmacies

Fox Business Flash headlines are here. Check out what's clicking on Some of America's largest retailer preparing to take a central role in administration Covid-19 shoots, hoping to avoid logs and other complications that have slowed the vaccine's early days.The United States was far from its original goal of inoculating 20 million people by the end of 2020, with health departments, hospital systems and long-term care facilities plagued by supply chain bottlenecks, vaccine doubts and confusing, scattered meetings.CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ABOUT FOX BUSINESSNot all Americans are eligible for the vaccines and shots are still deficient. However, vaccines…

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