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Freezing is on its way tonight

The New York TimesFor black aides on Capitol Hill, January 6 came with special traumaWASHINGTON - Jabir McKnight woke up on the morning of January 6 with an unpleasant feeling. The day before had been fantastic: He and another congressman had celebrated the founders' day for their historically black brotherhood, Kappa Alpha Psi. But when McKnight went to Capitol Hill that Wednesday, where he had always felt safe, images of white supremacist violence in Charleston, South Carolina and Charlottesville, Virginia, began to race through his head. A few hours before the violent pro-Trump mob rushed through the convention halls, leaving…

Analysis | South Dakota’s covid-19 number has been terrible, but the governor says it’s the wrong measurement

- South Dakota Gov. Kristi L. Noem (R), i an interview with Laura Ingraham on Fox News, February 2ndNoem has attracted a lot of attention for these remarks, after she was asked about a tough New York Times "opinion video"Which, in the words of the times, aimed to" unpack her deadly playbook on how to deal with a pandemic that was wrong and at the same time preserve a reputation for being credible and competent. ”The main controversy is Noem's statement that South Dakota "got through it better than virtually any other state." As the Times video and our colleague…

The Neobank that is growing like crazy (and earning record profits)

Subscribe to Financial Brand via email for FREE!It is possible that First Internet Bank - despite lacking a hip-single name like Chime or Revolut - can provide a glimpse of what the fast-paced digital banking world will look like in a decade. If you have no idea who First Internet Bank is, it may be because you were too young to be in the bank when this de novo internet bank was launched. (Or maybe you just forgot about them.) In our exaggerated world, very few things come to mind in recent months, much less 22 years. Still, First Internet…

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