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NASA’s endurance Mars Rover sends a picture of the military crash on Mars

The higher contrast of the image shows the plume where the descent step crashed. NASA NASA's endurance Mars Rover has given a new image from the red planet, showing a plume of smoke from which its descent stage caused the surface to affect Mars. One of the rover's Hazcams captured the image, tweeting perseverance on Wednesday. "A moment of respect for the descent phase", exhausted endurance. "Within two minutes of safely delivering myself to Mars' surface, I caught the smoke on one of my Hazcams from its deliberate surface impact - an act that protected me and the scientific integrity…

Cloud Native Tools series Part 1: Go beyond traditional security

Just like everyone who works with their hands, cybersecurity experts need the right tools for the job. As we will see in this blog and the series to be followed, cloud-based threats need cloud-built tools to combat them. Traditional security tools do not provide the same level of functionality in the cloud as they do premises. According to GlobeNewswire82% of respondents in a 2020 study said that their tools either provided limited functionality in the cloud or did not work at all. How is cloud security different and what needs to be done to implement it? These issues are critical…

ESPN suggests how the Vikings can commerce for Texans QB Deshaun Watson

With the group already locked of their quarterback state of affairs, the Vikings don't appear odds-on favorites to land Deshaun Watson in a commerce with Texans.That stated, it could nonetheless be potential. ESPN's Invoice Barnwell advised that Minnesota might land Watson in a three-way commerce. Here is how:Vikings ship: 14th and ninetieth elections in whole 2021, 2022 first spherical, 2023 first spherical (to Texans), QB Kirk Cousins (to patriots)Texans ship: 2023 fourth spherical, QB Deshaun Watson (to the Vikings)Patriots ship: 2022 fifth spherical, 2023 fifth spherical, QB Jarrett Stidham (to the Texans) "I am unsure the Texans would make that…

Chief of Staff: The White House hopes to revive Trump’s plan to send masks to Americans

"This was an idea that really came up in the Trump administration last year - the public health service recommended it, President Trump vetoed it for some reason," Klain told NBC's Lester Holt. "We want to get this back on track. I hope we can announce some progress in the next few days or next week."The Biden administration's alleged receptivity to the proposal comes after US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Rochelle Walensky seemed to question whether sending US masks would necessarily convince those who did not already have them to do so. When asked by CNN's Anderson Cooper…

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