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Florida Lawmakers Consider Proposals to Create ‘Education Accounts’

click the picture Photo courtesy of State Senate Manny Diaz Jr./Facebook State Senate Manny Diaz, Jr. With the 2021 Legislative Session set to begin next week, Florida lawmakers can further broaden the state's school choice landscape with what are known as "education-saving accounts." Legislators are considering a far-reaching proposal (SB 48) that extends the scope of coupon programs and enables parents to use taxpayer-supported education accounts for private schools and other costs. The plan, sponsored by Sen. Manny Diaz Jr., R-Hialeah, would also fold existing coupon programs into two main scholarships, one serving students with special needs and the other…

Filantrop addresses the issue of student loan debt in a new book ‘Education without debt’

Scott MacDonald is familiar with the battles that come from the trillion-dollar student debt crisis in this country. His MacDonald researchers The program was created to help address this by providing scholarships to full-time students in exchange for community opening hours and a project to help those in need. Now he has written a book that addresses the issue of the high costs of a college education in "Education without debt: give back and pay it on.""Spending time with students and staff in financial support at universities made me very aware of the issue of student debt," he says. "I…

Report: Louisiana ranks second for higher education cuts

Louisiana lawmakers cut government spending on colleges and universities by nearly 38% in inflation-adjusted dollars from 2008 to 2019, the second most among states and behind Arizona, according to the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities. The average tuition for four-year schools in Louisiana almost doubled, leading to the largest percentage increase in the country. Community College teaching increased by 82.5%, other than California. Funding fell by $ 3.4 billion nationally, or about $ 1,033 (11.6%) per student, the left-leaning think tank reported. Teaching at four-year public colleges increased by an average of 35.2% and by 37.5% at community colleges.…

College of Education Sireci urges Biden nominees to relinquish federal responsibility for state-wide summative assessments

In light of the disruption to teachers and students caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Stephen Sireci, professor of education and director of the Center for Educational Assessment, has sent a letter co-signed by eight colleagues at five other institutions where US Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona will to relinquish federal responsibility for state overall assessments this year. "We argue that by 2021, mandatory summative testing of students will not (in fact) not be able to provide comparable student performance data for accountability," Sireci and his co-signatories write. They call on Cardona to "encourage states to eliminate any high impact on…

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