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Why mercenaries drive Amok

It could take years to uncover the tangled web of "Project Opus", the tangled mercenary operation from 2019 to strengthen Libyan strongman Khalifa Haftar, which is said to include efforts to distribute a special hit group to Libya. However, few observers tracking the growing global market for privatized armies were likely to be surprised reports last week that UN investigators suspect involvement of former Blackwater CEO Erik Prince.The recently leaked UN report only mentions Prince's alleged links to the operation, but it marks the second time since the uprising from the Arab Spring in 2011 that Prince's company, Hong Kong-based…

Marilyn Manson was released by longtime boss amid allegations of sexual and physical abuse

Tony Ciulla, who succeeded Marilyn Manson over the past 25 years has dropped the shock wave as a client, a source close to the situation confirmed Rolling stone. The move comes after several women, including actress and Manson's fiancé Evan Rachel Wood, accused Manson of sexual and physical abuse. Ciulla began managing Manson in 1996, the same year the artist released his usual breakthrough, Antichrist Superstar. He stood by the singer, whose real name is Brian Warner, through several controversies - including criticism that followed musicians after Columbine's shooting - and countless moods. Manson has been the subject of complaints…

Fox Business abruptly discontinues “Lou Dobbs Tonight”, the highest rated show

"Lou Dobbs tonight" is out in the air, taking effect immediately, a Fox spokesman confirmed. An interim show takes Dobbs place at 17 and 19 east starting Monday.It was a head-scratching change from Fox Business, as Dobbs was the highest-ranked host, albeit in a relatively low-ranked network. He often doubled his management rating, which is a rare feat in television.Dobbs, a veteran financial news anchor, became known on Fox Business for his sycophantic pro-Trump programs. He was one of the former president's biggest boosters on television, and Trump regularly thanked him in return.In one of Trump's first statements since leaving…

Matt Hancock says that all adults over 50 are expected to be offered Covid vaccine in mid-April

Matt Hancock says that all adults over 50 are expected to be offered Covid vaccine in mid-April  Guardian NewsThe fight against Covid-19 variants in South Africa is a lesson for the world  NBC NewsThe UK is speeding up vaccinations: All adults get their 1st jab by 31 July  CNBCBritain's priority virus fight for transparency, says Hancock  BloombergUNITED KINGDOM moves to speed up vaccinations, with the target of the first dose for all adults by 31 July  NPRView full coverage on Google News

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