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House quitter: Millennial resigns three days after appointment to legislative seat Madigan filled for half a century

Mike Madigan spent 50 years in Illinois House, but the man he personally chose to succeed him earned less than 72 hours. Edward Guerra Kodatt offered his resignation from the Illinois General Assembly on Wednesday just three days after he was sworn in. Madigan, 78, who had enough of the necessary votes to make the nomination alone, wasted time throwing her support behind another candidate later Wednesday morning. Kodatt, 26, is also out of his 13th department job, but he is entitled to a full month's salary as a government representative - $ 5,788.66 - even though he has earned…

A pay cut of $ 15 can make a difference for Gen Z workers

For several months, Cris Cardona, 21, has been feeding his family from the garden he started in his backyard. Harvests of black-eyed peas, arugula, okra, radishes and a cornucopia of other vegetables are what sustain Cardona, which strives to one day have a career running a community bank for its Orlando, Florida neighborhood. To achieve that goal, Cardona saves a small sum of the salaries he earns from his job as head of McDonald's to cover the cost of the agricultural degree he eventually hopes to earn.Cardona said he usually works with older people, single mothers and young people trying…

Staub Kokkärl is seldom so affordable

Note: If you buy through the links in this article, InsideHook can earn a small portion of the profits. "Excuse our French," notes the official website of Staub, a clever nod to the origins and activities of the iconic kitchen utensil in France. But these smart pots and pans in cast iron will not be cheap, if you do not find a sale. What's happening right now at Nordstrom Rack; Staub kitchen equipment is up to 57% off the next few days, but the inventory is moving very fast - some items are already sold out. NordströmställYou want one cocotte:…

Willis Towers Watson and Liberty Specialty Markets Launch Reputation Crisis Solution | MarketScreener

LONDON February 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - Willis Towers Watson (NASDAQ: WLTW), a leading global consulting, brokerage and solution company, and Liberty Specialty Markets, a leading global supplier of specialty and commercial insurance products, today launched Reputational Crisis Insurance - a solution that enables organizations to transfer the financial risk associated with certain types of reputational crises in addition to providing access to a range of non-insurance features, including AI-driven data analysis. Reputational Crisis Insurance has been developed through an exclusive partnership between Willis Towers Watson and Liberty Specialty Markets. Live, client-controlled reputation data and intelligence analysis are provided by…

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