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In early October Fairview Health Services made a surprising announcement: Although the Covid-19 pandemic was not imminent, the health care system announced plans to close Bethesda Hospital in St. Louis. Paul, which had been the only facility in Minnesota specifically dedicated to Covid-19 care. Ramsey...
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British quarantine hotel “a death sentence” for at-risk Britons, says cancer patient

A British man undergoing treatment for stage four cancer says he is trapped abroad because it would be medically unsafe for him to return to a quarantine hotel.“I could not do the hotel. I think I would go on a stretcher, says Michael Thomas, who is stuck in Madeira with his wife and 14-year-old daughter.Thomas, 68, is undergoing treatment for stage four incurable cancer, so he had been protected since the pandemic began. He flew out to the Portuguese archipelago for a family holiday in December, but said he had received advice from his doctor and oncologist that it would…

How hotel points can save the day in difficult situations

In mid-February, Texas and Oklahoma experienced a winter storm once a century. The polar vortex pushed south and drove much of the two southern states into a severe freeze for more than a week. As the demand for power increased and power sources went offline, millions of residents were left in the dark and cold for a long time. Understandably, many sought refuge from the record cold in their homes. But with so many people left without power - and with the threat of Covid-19 spreading - many could not find shelter with friends or family. The mad rush of…

Texas Freeze Folo: How to get compensation for spoiled food, hotel stays and cleaning costs

HOUSTON - Thousands of frozen pipes burst and caused leaks in homes across Texas last week. You probably already know that your homeowner's insurance will cover the damage to your home, but there are other things you may not know you can get paid for.Some people lost hundreds of dollars worth of food that was destroyed in the refrigerators and freezers when the power went out. Your insurance company may not tell you, but if you claim compensation for the food you lost, you can probably get up to $ 500.On the first page of your homeowner's policy, called the…

Coachella Hotel strikes back at Lender’s Ch. 11 Trustee Motion – Law360

Law360 (February 19, 2021, 18:59 EST) - The bankruptcy owner of a hotel under construction in Coachella, California, told a judge on Thursday that a motion to appoint a Chapter 11 trustee made by its secured lender was unjustified because it has a plan to pay all creditors in full when they complete the project.Glenroy Coachella LLC said in court applications that it filed its Chapter 11 lawsuit on Monday to stop the secured lender Calmwater from conducting a foreclosure sale of its property in Coachella, on which a hotel is to be built. The debtor said that Calmwater's efforts…

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