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MSU sells the Walnut Street building, moves the student art gallery to the center

Missouri State will establish a new student exhibition center on Boonville Avenue, near Springfield Center and the university's art and design department, headquartered in Brick City.The existing exhibition gallery, located at 838 E. Walnut St. in the former home of Sorosis Women's Clubs, will be sold. It was built 127 years ago."That building has served us well," said MSU President Clif Smart. Smart, however, said the location of the new center at 326 Boonville Ave. is more ideal."It's a much better facility," he said.More:MSU is modernizing the teaching structure, will reimburse certain course fees onlineThe new gallery was acquired with…

Nepal Yoga Home – The Best Yoga & Ayurveda School in Nepal – Online Free Press Release News Distribution –

Kathmandu, NL, 15/02/2021 / /Yoga activity has swept the world as people pursue natural treatments to liberate the mind. In a time that needs so much of our time, yoga has become a haven for us, allowing us to interact more closely with our minds, bodies and souls. Now you will find a yoga culture in all countries around the world. This amazing development represents a step towards a more thoughtful society where esoteric methods are used to improve both emotional and physical health. With such a massive increase in yoga practice worldwide, the demand for teachers is growing…

Leising: High school students who lack $ 70 million in support

State Senator Jean Leising (R-Oldenburg) says Indiana's high school diplomas leave more than $ 70 million in federal funds on the table because they have not completed the free application for federal student aid (FAFSA).FAFSA is an annual form that students fill out that determines their eligibility for federal grants, private scholarships, work studies and loans. Students fill in the form before their first semester at college and fill it in again every academic year thereafter.Leising is a member of the Senate Committee on Education and Career Development. She said that on January 18, FAFSA filing in Indiana had decreased…

This week’s pension tip: Balance your student debt with your pension savings

Student loans can be crippling, as can retiring without saving enough money for your future. This week's pension tips: Spend time and money now to balance paying down your student debt and building up your pension egg. Many Americans, especially those early in their careers, may have problems juggling all the financial obligations they have while spending money for their future. People in their 20s, 30s, and even 40s are trying to make a decent living, while paying for housing, food, transportation, and utilities. They may try to start a family or buy a home. There are also more than…

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