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David Schoen: What to know about Trump’s indictment lawyer

The high-profile civil rights lawyer David Schoen, who before Jeffrey Epstein's death was in discussions to join his legal team, will be one of the two best members of the former President Donald Trump legal team for his trial, which is set to start in earnest in Senate next week. Schoen's inclusion in Trump's team was announced on Sunday along with former Montgomery County, Pa., District Attorney Bruce Castor. The move followed the resignation of Trump's former legal team for the indictment, which was brought together by South Carolina GOP lawyer Butch Bowers. A source told Fox News that Bowers…

Purple Weighted Blanket Review for 2021

Everyone feels the good feeling that comes from a long hug or hug. When others do not exist to give us that pressure, weighted blankets can replicate that feelingFolded blankets are large, heavy throws packed with weighted beads that cover a person in light pressure. They mimic the feeling of a cozy embrace. Purple + Gravity Weighted Blanket is a popular blanket made with a double-sided design that offers both cooling and cozy materials, which makes it a good alternative for all seasons and temperatures. With so many weighted blankets to choose from, we broke down exactly what makes Purple…

The Pentagon’s chief is ordering a military “stand-down” to address the elusive issue of extremism

Minister of Defense Lloyd AustinLloyd AustinOvernight Defense: Pentagon Chief Deploys Hundreds of Advisory Panels | Defense Election Discusses Trump's Transition Barriers | The airline returns home after 10 months of deployment Airlines return home after ten months of deployment monitoring of Iran Secretary of Defense removes hundreds of advisory board members in a comprehensive review MORE on Wednesday, a U.S. military-wide order ordered a "stand-down" to address extremism in the ranks, an issue that has long stunned Pentagon leaders but came to the forefront of the January 6 riots in the US capital. The Department of Defense is still tight…

Here’s what we know about Tiger Wood’s car accident and injuries

Woods, 45, was aware and vigilant when rescue workers pulled him out of his vehicle, according to Los Angeles Sheriff Alex Villanueva.Traffic investigators can take days or weeks to determine the cause of the crash as they investigate whether speed, fatigue or operator failure were factors, or if Woods hit something on the road and caused him to lose control, Lt. Michael White with the LA County Sheriff's Office told CNN's subsidiary KCAL / KCBS.Shortly after seven o'clock in the morning, Woods drove PT in Rancho Palos Verdes when the SUV he was using crossed a median and crossed two…

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