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Dr Fauci says that Covid vaccines can simply be tailored to new variants, drug producers working with boosters

Pfizer and FashionablePresent Covid-19 vaccines might be simply tailored to focus on new strains of the virus, one thing that drug producers are already engaged on, stated the White Home well being adviser, Dr.New strains of coronavirus have emerged within the UK, South Africa and Brazil which have given researchers trigger for concern. Though it's no shock that the virus mutates, researchers try to shortly decide what the adjustments could imply for newly developed life-saving vaccines and coverings for the illness.Some early outcomes revealed within the oppression server bioRxiv, which has not but been reviewed by colleagues, signifies that the…

Opinion: How the COVID-19 pandemic may be the driving force the planet needs

In less than a year, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a catastrophic effect on humanity. The question is, can it have a positive impact on human behavior and society for many years to come? The story is filled with examples of positive development that come from some of life's darkest chapters. The cholera outbreak of the 19th century, for example, stimulated the re-enactment of major cities, from the tree-lined boulevards of Paris to Central Park in New York City. The influenza epidemic of 1918 gave rise to the concept of public health and modernized the delivery of health care services…

EA returns to college football without NCAA, player licenses

Enlarge / College Football is coming back ... but the NCAA brands and actual college football players are not. EA dives back into the world of college football for the first time since 2013, the publisher announced today. But EA Sports College Football, which is currently in the early stages of development, will make its return without licenses from the NCAA or the rights to the names and similarities of the current current college players. Instead, EA says the new game "will include the rights to more than 100 institutions with logos, stadiums, uniforms, game day traditions and more that…

Florida school children can repeat a year in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic

A bill that goes through Florida the State Senate would allow elementary and middle school students to repeat a grade due to a learning disability during coronavirus pandemic. After moving on to distance learning last spring, Florida schools reopened for personal lessons in the fall, but many parents across the state have opted for their children to continue learning at a distance due to concerns about coronavirus. Florida State Senator Lori Berman, a Democrat representing parts of central Palm Beach County, told her the bill, approved by the Education Committee on Wednesday, is necessary because "the COVID-19 pandemic drove school…

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