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Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes for MVP?

Yahoo Sports may receive compensation from BetMGM in connection with the bets you make on the BetMGM platforms.BetMGM is offering a special promotion ahead of the big game on February 7th. New customers in CO, IN, IA, NJ, TN, VA or WV who bet a single $ 1 bet on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Kansas City Chiefs game played on Sunday, February 7 will receive $ 100 in free bets to their account within 24 hours. If the coin toss lands on tails before the big game, you will also receive an extra bet of $ 25. *click on the link,…

How Biden could find himself on the same page as Trump

Lawyers for those pushing suits over the January 6 attack are expected to demand details of Trump's communications before and during the attack, as well as who comes and goes from the Oval Office that day. If Trump's lawyers, as expected, try to block the discovery in the civil cases, Biden White House and the Justice Department must decide whether to defend Trump's powers or stand aside and risk weakening the same privileges for Biden and his successors. “For potential complainants, the problem will be dealing with documents and evidence that proves what [Trump] knew and what did not know…

TUESDAY UPDATES: Lake Regional moves postponed coronavirus vaccine clinics to Friday – ABC17NEWS

The Lake Regional Health System is moving all postponed appointments against coronavirus vaccination from Monday and Wednesday to Friday. Participants will hold their meeting times and the clinic site is still the former Pier 1 Import site, 3975 Jr. Prewitt Pkwy, Osage Beach, near Lowe's. All participants are encouraged to download a form online and fill it. Filling out the form before the event will help speed up the vaccination process. All participants should also bring a photo ID, an insurance card (those with Medicare should bring their red, white and blue Medicare cards) and their vaccination card from the…

Almost all nurses from the University of Tennessee pass the 2020 degree on the first try

At a time when people need them most, many nursing students at the University of Tennessee passes his licensing exams. Officials said graduates from the College of Nursing had one of the highest first-time levels in the National Council Licensure Exam 2020 of 98.5%. The share is higher than both the national average, 86.6% and the Tennessee average of 91.6%. The test is used to ensure that students and candidates are prepared to go into practice in hospitals and to work as registered nurses after graduation. It is administered by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing. Officials said…

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