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Instagram bans hundreds of coveted accounts stolen through hacking and extortion

Instagram has banned hundreds of accounts with desirable usernames after an investigation revealed that hackers and fraudsters stole them from their original owners through extortion and extortion. Members of the forum coordinated on the site and via Telegram to hijack accounts with short, recognizable usernames via SIM change, a type of phone-based hacking and through targeted harassment of the people who first created the accounts, The New York Times reports. The social media company banned nine cybercriminals who took control of the accounts as well as intermediaries who helped the brains sell the handles. Twitter and TikTok participated in…

WhatsApp to turn off notifications for anyone who rejects new terms

WhatsApp to turn off notifications for anyone who rejects new terms  BBC NewsWhatsApp: Users who do not accept our new privacy policy cannot read or send messages  GizmodoWhatsApp reveals what happens to users who do not agree to future changes to the privacy policy  MacRumorsWhatsApp explains what happens if you do not accept its new privacy policy  The borderWhatsApp will stop working if you do not accept the new privacy policy  MashableView full coverage on Google News

Reddit’s 5-second Super Bowl ad highlights GameStop Stock Market Saga – IGN

Reddit's 5-second Super Bowl ad highlights GameStop Stock Market Saga - IGN  IGNThere are four new shares in Robinhood's top 10 holdings  The motley foolThe hopes that rose and fell with GameStop  The New York TimesGameStop's rise and fall in the not so free market, what it means for young investors  Tufts DailyNiall Ferguson: GameStop, Robinhood, Reddit and Wind Trade  BloombergView full coverage on Google News

Dolly Parton on commercial Super Bowl vaccine and COVID-19 vaccine

NEW YORK (AP) - Dolly Parton has sung about everyday office workers who work “9 to 5” for over 40 years, but now the country icon sings about entrepreneurs working "5 to 9" to pursue their dreams after hours. The Grammy-winning legend of the 1980s hit has been reversed Squarespace - a company that helps users build and host their own websites - for a Super Bowl commercial that debuts on Tuesday. Oscar winner Damien Chazelle from "La La Land" fame ruled the place.“Over the years, many people have wanted to change the lyrics to suit certain things they do.…

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