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Employees were brought into health care between the state and Louisiana

BATON ROUGE - The head of a state group of walk-in clinics emailed approximately 228,000 government employees, retirees and their relatives across Louisiana, as well as all 144 lawmakers, and sought his support in a $ 40 million contract dispute with the state.Mary N. Smith, president of Access2day Health, based in Bossier City, asked subscribers to most of the health insurance plans offered to them with government jobs to call the State Department of Group Benefits, OGB, and their lawmakers to ask "Why? Why? Why? Why?" Why would the new OGB management try to interrupt "a program that makes it…

The Mayo Clinic Health System provides medical coverage at the WIAA State Basketball Championships in La Crosse

Games will be held at La Crosse Center 23 February 2021 17:33 Greg White Posted: 23 February 2021 17:33 LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - The Mayo Clinic Health System will provide medical coverage at Wisconsin State High School basketball tournaments beginning Thursday in La Crosse. Sports medicine doctors and athletic trainers will be on hand to prevent injuries and provide immediate care to injured athletes. Games continue until Saturday night for girls basketball, with the boys tournament next weekend. COPYRIGHT 2021 OF NEWS 8 NOW / NEWS 8000. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. THIS MATERIAL MAY NOT BE PUBLISHED, TRANSMITTED, REPRESENTED OR…

Universal health care finally on the horizon?

By ETHAN STARK-MILLER There have been more than 120,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the Bronx, leading to 5,500 deaths. Those living through COVID-19 can face months, if not years, of long-term effects and strain already strained budgets. But what if cost was not an issue? What if every single person living in the Bronx - and in the rest of New York - is guaranteed health coverage without paying a penny out of pocket? Some believe that the effects of the pandemic would have been very different in that scenario. Maybe fewer infections - maybe even fewer deaths. Certainly…

Lack of health care services hinders access to vaccines in color communities

As efforts are accelerating nationally to provide the coronavirus vaccine to color communities, skepticism about vaccination is often highlighted as a major obstacle. But the lack of pharmacies, hospitals, suppliers and transport has emerged as an equally important problem in the communities where covid-19 has done its worst damage.Public health experts, doctors, and civil rights advocates say that attention must be paid to the practical barriers that give rise to the differences that have become a hallmark of the US health care system. If they are not taken into account, they say, the same obstacle could weaken attempts to bridge…

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