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Funeral was held for ‘Captain Tom’ who raised millions for British health care

LONDON - "I told you I was old," will be the graph of the tombstone to Captain Sir Tom Moore, the British veteran who made headlines around the world after raising millions for Britain's healthcare during coronavirus pandemic.Moore, whose funeral took place on Saturday, chose the words before him however, 100 years old on February 2 at a hospital in England after testing positive for Covid-19.Queen Elizabeth II, The British Parliament and White House, who said he had "inspired millions through his life and actions", all hailed World War II veterans on news of his death earlier this month.Captain Sir…

Removals from legal applications for Trump’s lawsuit

WASHINGTON (AP) - The legal sparring around Donald Trump's indictment is ongoing, with information submitted this week with radically different positions ahead of next week's Senate trial.House prosecutors and the former president's defense team present their arguments about Trump's role in the January 6 riots in the US capital and about the legality of even holding a trial. They are also discussing the first amendment and a blunt assessment by Democrats that the riots posed a threat to the president's legacy.Taken from the arguments from both sides:"ONLY RESPONSIBLE"Who is responsible for the riot? Democrats say there is only one answer,…

Alleged leaked image requirements show third generation AirPods and cases

A new picture claims to offer our first real-world look at Apple's next generation AirPods. The image, shared by 52 sounds, shows both ‌AirPods‌ and the charging case for what the website claims to be the third iteration of the wireless earbuds. 52 sounds has previously shared photos claims to showcase different parts of the third generation ‌AirPods‌. In particular, in November the website shared an X-ray image claiming to be the new ‌AirPods‌, but it was later proven to be falsified and simply a compressed X-ray image of the current generation AirPods Pro. The picture that is shared today,…

Seniors from Oregon were blocked from registering for COVID vaccine shots until Monday

It is still unclear whether seniors can book appointments by phone. PORTLAND, Ore. - The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) does not allow those aged 80 and over to register for COVID-19 vaccine shots in advance. They will have to wait until Monday, February 8, when they will be eligible, according to an OHA spokesman. During the first week, 19,900 doses will be available nationwide for the elderly, one of the most vulnerable groups in Oregon for COVID-19. That group includes about 168,000 people. On Wednesday, OHA Director Patrick Allen told a legislative committee that he expects things to be rough.…

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