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A Spanish rapper insulted the king. His arrest became a freedom of speech.

As debates over freedom of speech and allegations of "interrupt culture"keep swimming all over the world, the issue last week emerged as a fierce rallying cry on the streets of Spain.A provocative Spanish rapper became an unlikely main figure for widespread protests and galvanized a debate on freedom of speech in European country.Pablo Haséls tweets and lyrics came back to haunt him, as the anti-establishment musician was jailed last Tuesday on charges of insulting the Spanish monarchy and glorifying terrorism, which sparked night after night of protests in major cities across the country, some of which have become violent. Hasél…

Tornado hits North Carolina, leaving some residents trapped

A tornado in southeastern North Carolina County in Brunswick County has left some residents trapped or missing and injured, officials said.The tornado struck shortly after midnight on Tuesday, damaging houses, tearing some of their foundations and cracking trees in half. WWAY-TV reported. A tornado clock has been issued for parts of North Carolina until 8 a.m. on Tuesday, according to the National Weather Service. (National Weather Service)Brunswick County Emergency Management said people were trapped in homes. The Wilmington Fire Department tweeted that it would send teams to help find people missing after the tornado."EXTREMELY DANGEROUS" TORNADO RIPPES THROUGH GEORGIASome power…

Why masks are important when resuming LA, coronavirus variants

When public health experts discuss the wisdom of California's decision to ease coronavirus restrictions, they warn residents to take precautions now that highly contagious variants and a still high positive test rate have been combined to create "a more dangerous world.""We must make a major educational effort to ensure that people do not interpret the removal of the regional home system and believe that they can go about their lives as they did before COVID," says Dr. Robert Kim-Farley, a UCLA medical epidemiologist and infectious disease expert."Otherwise," he said, "we will see that these numbers just go up again."Experts who…

5 IRA Mistakes You Can Make

Contribute slowly instead of all at onceIn many cases, it is a good idea to make regular contributions to your investment account - a strategy called the dollar cost average. But if you have the money, it may be the right way to maximize your IRA as early in the year as possible.Whenever a large amount of cash is involved, it can feel like the responsibility to invest it step by step over time. But according to John Pilkington, a chartered financial analyst and senior financial advisor at Vanguard Personal Advisor Services in Belmont, North Carolina, these positive emotions are…

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