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Encore Wire announces cash dividend

TipRanks2 large dividend shares that give 10%; RBC says "buy"Rising commodity prices, additional federal stimulus and rising government bond yields are all increasing inflation. In addition, there is a growing concern that equities - and especially technical ones - are now valued from reality. Is the changing macroclimate about to send the bull market to retreat? Too early to say, but it signals that a more cautious way of investing may be a good move right now. And that will lead us to dividend stocks. Investors want a pad, something to protect their portfolio in the event of a market…

Offering to refinance your cash student loans may not be a good deal – this is what experts say

If you have a student loan, you can offer to refinance the debt. But experts say many may not see much benefit from refinancing right now, especially in light of ongoing changes with federal student loans.The Mint budgeting app sent an ad on behalf of an advertising partner to users this week with the subject line: "Now may be a good time to refinance your student loans and get up to $ 400." Mint sent an email to users this week on behalf of an advertising partner outlining the bonuses available to those refinancing their student loans. The fine print…

COVID & Cash Back: How Credit Cards Help Americans During the Pandemic –

It can be said that credit cards have always been somewhat controversial in the financial industry: they can either build your credit or destroy it, help pay off debts or dig you deeper into debt, give you rewards or beat you up with crazy interest rates. But during the year COVID-19, credit card companies worked to provide consumers with excellent rewards, cashback, low interest rates and debt forgiveness. While some people pondered the value of reward credit cards during the pandemic due to lack of travel opportunities and more frugality in spending, those who took advantage of cash benefits reaped…

Add the entire life insurance cash value as a volatility buffer in retirement

This article is part of a series. Click here to read previous articles. The next potential use for whole life insurance in lifetime financial planning is to use the cash value as a volatility buffer asset to manage the return risk for dividends on investment portfolios. Pension costs can be acquired at cash value after a market downturn to avoid selling portfolio assets at a loss. The return on buffer assets should not be correlated with the financial portfolio, as the purpose of buffer assets is to temporarily support expenses when the portfolio is otherwise down. This attempts to enable…

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