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Rift at longtime St. Paul clinic leads to new home for residency program

On a recent Friday morning, United Family Medicine nurses and technicians in a stripmall storefront rolled up patients' sleeves to administer COVID-19 vaccines. Gone were the clinic's physicians, who were working at a new facility four miles away. To the patients getting shots — many of whom are low-income or uninsured — the drama embroiling their clinic mattered less than the protection they received from people they like. "Yeah, I love it. I mean it's been great for the services that I have had from the time that I started," said Teretha Glass, 72, drawn to the clinic years ago…

7 top home security companies

The best home security systems vivint Visit page Benefits Professional installation included 0% financing $ 0 activation Package protection technology Cons Limited price visibility No DIY installation option Vivint offers smart security systems that are installed by security personnel. Each security system is adapted to the unique nature of the home to provide more accurate and reliable protection. Vivint's system also includes smart technology functions such as package protection to stop package thieves, car protection and fire safety. The company's Smart Deter technology uses light and sound to scare away potential burglaries or vandals. Because each system is customized, there…

The top 5 covers to protect your home

Child safety is a must when your curious kiddo is on the go and you do not want to overlook the electrical outlets. The best outlet protection are designed to prevent your tot from sticking his fingers (or who-knows-what else) in the sockets, which may cause electric shock. The best covers are easy to install and fit snugly and securely so that your kiddo can not easily remove them. There are several patterns to choose from, and choosing the right one for your home depends on how often you need to access outlets and your budget.Plastic plugs is a cheap…

A new, safe home for the Louvre’s unseen treasures

LIÉVIN, France - It's the most ambitious move in the history of the Louvre - a five-year project to transfer a quarter of a million works of art to an ultra-modern storage facility 200 km away in northern France. For more than 16 months, a stream of trucks has been quietly hauling treasures from the museum's central Paris basement and elsewhere, to the Louvre's Conservation Center, a cultural fortress established in the city of Liévin, near Lens. Already 100,000 works have been moved - including paintings, carpets, tapestries, large sculptures, small figures, furniture and decorative pieces - from antiquity to…

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