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Vista Realty Partners and RADCO companies announce grand opening of Carmel Vista apartment building

MCDONOUGH, Ga., March 1, 2021 / PRNewswire / - CARMEL VISTA DEVELOPMENT - Vista Realty Partners and RADCO companies announce the grand opening of Carmel Vista Apartment Housing; the newest rental housing area in the fast-growing Atlanta suburb to McDonough, GA. The property will serve pent-up demand in a growing community that will have easy access to the I-75 and I-285 corridor and immediate access to South Atlanta, which provides quick access to some of Atlanta the best employment, entertainment and cultural centers.Vista Realty Partners and RADCO companies announce the grand opening of Carmel Vista Apartments in McDonough, GALocated at…

Tri-County EMC expands broadband in central Georgia in rural areas; Tri-County EMC announces plans to expand broadband to 22,000 members in eight counties – AllOnGeorgia

Atlanta, GA Efforts to provide the necessary broadband service to Georgians took a step forward when Government Brian Kemp and PSC Commissioner Tim Echols announced at Tri-County EMC's headquarters earlier today. Gov. Kemp announced the formation of a new broadband provider in Central Georgia, Tri-CoGo, which will provide high-speed Internet to 22,000 homes and businesses in eight counties: Jones, Baldwin, Putnam, Jasper, Twiggs, Wilkinson, Morgan and Bibb. This project will include a capital investment of more than $ 47 million by Tri-County EMC (TCEMC) to build a fiber network that will provide increased reliability and operational services for TCEMC's electrical…

Pain relief device uses actual evidence to obtain clearance and extends options for children – Scope

For several years, pediatrician James Wall, MD, has observed his colleagues using a cold therapy device to significantly reduce postoperative pain in children recovering from surgery to repair a sunken chest wall. "The procedure basically restores the skeleton in one go, so the first few weeks of recovery are quite painful," Wall said. "Usually we prescribe three weeks of systemic drugs including opioids. But then we started hearing from colleagues around the country that cryotherapy significantly reduced the need for these drugs." However, there is a catch. The device, which uses extreme cold to temporarily block nerve signals, was approved…

Super-Earth discovery: Data will characterize planetary atmospheric models

Moments of the virtual journey with superimposed astronomical data. Author: RenderArea Over the past 25 years, astronomers have discovered a wide range of exoplanets, made of rock, ice and gas, thanks to the design of astronomical instruments designed specifically for planetary searches. By using a combination of different observation techniques, they have been able to determine a large number of masses, sizes and thus the densities of the planets, which helps them to estimate their inner composition and increases the number of planets that have been discovered outside the Solar System. But to study the rocky atmosphere planets, which would…

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