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European Space Agency: Astronaut recruitment driver for increased diversity

The European Space Agency says it wants to recruit people with disabilities as part of its call for new astronauts.Esa will accept applications in March to fill four to six vacancies astro corps but it wants this draft to be as inclusive as possible.The search for a potential pilot with additional functional needs will be run in parallel with the main call.The agency has asked International Paralympic Committee to advise on the choice."To be completely clear, we do not want to hire a space tourist who happens to have a disability," said Dr. David Parker, head of Esa's robotics and…

US Cards and Payments Market Opportunities and Risks for 2024 –

DUBLIN - (BUSINESS MANAGEMENT)--The "United States of America (USA) Cards and Payments - Opportunities and Risks by 2024" the report has been added offer. The report provides a detailed analysis of market trends in the US card and payment industry. It provides values ​​and volumes for a number of important performance indicators in the industry, including cards, cash, direct debits, checks and credit transfers during the review period (2016-20e). The report also analyzes various debit card markets operating in the industry and provides detailed information on the number of cards in circulation, transaction values ​​and volumes during the review…

Newsom’s approval ratings fall in California as the recall threat intensifies

Government of California Gavin Newsomapproval rating has received a hit below coronavirus pandemic, according to a couple of new investigations, which could be a "warning" to the governor just as the recall effort against him heats up.A Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies Vote was released on Tuesday showed Newsom's approval of 46% among registered voters, compared to 64% in September."Losing the decline is the public's much more negative assessment of how Newsom and the state government are handling the pandemic," wrote Mark DiCamillo, head of the Berkeley IGS survey.CAN GAVIN NEWS really be kicked out of the office? FOX NEWS…

Voting company Smartmatic is suing Fox News, two Trump lawyers

The voice technology company Smartmatic has filed a $ 2.7 billion lawsuit against Fox News, as well as lawyers Rudy Guiliani and Sydney Powell, for claiming that the company is distorting the election results in favor of Joe Biden.Phoenix First Amendment attorney Dan Barr believes Smartmatic has a very good chance of winning the case."If I defended Fox, I would be terrified of this lawsuit, because the claim is not only clearly false, but other media looked at it and decided they were false," Barr said.Barr says Fox News can claim that Smartmatic is a public figure who would complicate…

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