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CBCCharge is over. These four threats are now being raised against Donald TrumpHe warned you. Long ago at the beginning of his political adventure, Donald Trump believed that his supporters would stay with him forever, even if he pulled out a gun and shot someone...

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Costco will start offering COVID vaccines in the Bay Area, California

February 21, 2021Updated: 21 February 2021 07:12Costco now offers vaccines in some locations in California.John Roark / Associated PressCostco now offers meetings for the COVID vaccine at its pharmacies. On Saturday, Costco announced that they are launching coronavirus vaccines, mainly Modern, to places around California. At present, Novato Costco is the only location in the Bay Area. There are also participating locations in Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino counties. Costco did not specify if and when it would expand its sites offering the vaccine, although the website says "check back often for updates." As of Sunday morning, all available…

DC Weather Forecast: Occasional snow showers

Scattered areas with mixed rainfall should switch to snow showers as the morning draws to a close, with the highest concentration in our northern suburbs.Our next update will take about 90 minutes or sooner if conditions require it.Today's daily figureA somewhat subjective assessment of today's weather, on a scale from 0 to 10.6/10: I like the snow but wish there was more. Not a fan of the wind.Express forecastToday: Intermittent snow villages, especially north. Windy. Maximum: 30 to 35.Tonight: Scattered snow villages. Lowest levels: Near 30.Tomorrow: Very scattered snow villages / winds, windy. Highest: 35 to 40.Forecast in detailAfter 2…

John Travolta dances “fat” style with daughter in Super Bowl commercials

John Travolta hope his "fat" thing Super Bowl commercials is the one you want. (See it below.) The actor briefly recreates his "Born to Hand Jive" movements from the 1978 music film, with his daughter Ella replacing co-star Olivia Newton-John. But the setting is not a high school dance in the gym - it's out on the lawn in an ad for Scott's Miracle-Gro. And the music does not come from Sha Na Na, but Surfaces "Sunday Best." Travolta, a two-time Oscar nominee, struggles comically to set up a cell phone camera for the routine, but gets the job done.…

Alabama records the lowest number of coronavirus cases in months

Alabama can finally get some good news in its ongoing battle with coronavirus.As the state continues the difficult task of vaccinating its residents, the number of COVID cases in most of Alabama dropped this week. This is a trend that has been going on for a while - new cases peaked in early 2021 and has declined steadily since. This week, Alabama published its lowest number of new cases per week since early November.[Can’t see the chart? Click here.]The Alabama Department of Public Health reported 13,737 new cases during the week ending February 5. That is the lowest number since…

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