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Missouri man seen with Pelosi nameplate charged in connection with Capitol riot

A Missouri man whose niece was charged last month in connection with the Capitol riot is now facing charges after authorities identified him in a video with a broken piece of house speaker Nancy PelosiNancy PelosiMissouri man seen with Pelosi nameplate charged in connection with Capitol riot Republicans are worried that Greene could party in the suburbs Claudia Tenney wins New York House race MORE(D-Calif.) Type plate. Federal court records leaked since Thursday details it William Merry Jr. and St. Louis County has been charged with theft of state property, knowingly entering or remaining in a restricted building, disorderly conduct,…

The Rock shares daughter’s bathroom emergency

Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson shared a very relatable parent's moment on Instagram Friday with his daughter Tia, 2, and an emergency in the bathroom. "When they have to go, they have to go," the 48-year-old wrote on Thursday with the caption a photograph by herself insecurely holding the girl while she frees herself from a patch of grass. "Baby Tia said she had to pee, so we said, 'No problem darling you have a diaper on.' Kissa and I change it after. ””The Rock continued, "She refused to go in the diaper (I do not blame her) and asked if…

George Floyd case: Minneapolis does not pay for social media influencing during Derek Chauvin trial after backlash

Minneapolis The city council said on Monday that it is no longer continuing with plans to include influences from social media to spread city-approved messages during the murder trial against Derek Chauvin, an ex-policeman accused of George Floydafter activists accused the city of buying the story of the case. During a virtual information and discussed public safety and security preparations for the upcoming trial, David Rubedor, Head of Neighborhood and Community Relations at Minneapolis (NCR), apologized after receiving negative feedback from community members over plans to pay six influences $ 2,000 each to spread the word targeted at black, Native…

Perseverance Rover’s Descent and Touchdown on Mars (Official NASA Video)

Perseverance Rover's Descent and Touchdown on Mars (Official NASA Video)  NASANASA unveils landing video for Mars Rover  WCNCNASA will unveil dramatic video of Perseverance Rover landing on Mars today. This is how you look live.  Space.comCheck out the new images from NASA's Perseverance Rover on Mars  Click Detroit | Room 4 | WDIVNASA will share its first video, new images from Perseverance Rover on Mars today  CNN View full coverage on Google News

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