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No, Fox News and MSNBC are not the same thing

Are Fox News and MSNBC just opposite sides of the same coin? Whenever the conservatives, pro-Donald-Trump or right-wingers of Fox News come up in conversation or stories, it is instinct for someone to say, "Well, that's what MSNBC is thinking left." In other words, is MSNBC simply the left-wing version of the right-wing Fox News? I admit that I myself have made the ruthless comparison. So now I'm going quote Oliver Darcy, CNN media reporter. And as I do, I can see the people on Fox News and those who watch it regularly are already rolling their eyes. Yes, Darcy…

Duluth frontline workers see COVID-19 division across society | Bemidji Pioneer

Consie said she has received many calls from senior citizens who require less help, such as a lift assistant or blood pressure monitor, just so they can have some form of social contact while isolated during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the first respondents do not want to linger long due to the risk of spreading coronavirus to this risk population. "I feel for them because they are really closed right now, and I see us responding more and more to calls from older people in our district," Consie said. This is just one of the stories shared by seven Duluth…

California doctors participate in Zoom court hearing during surgery: ‘I’m in an operating room right now.’

"It's me, sir," confirmed a plastic surgeon, Scott Green. "Yes, I'm in an operating room right now. I'm available for trial. Go straight forward."While waiting for the judge to arrive at a hearing broadcast live on YouTube under state law, Green was seen handling surgical tools. At one point, a seemingly unconscious patient appeared on a short card into the frame.When Sacramento Superior Court Commissioner Gary Link finally appeared on Zoom, he seemed disturbed by Green's video flow.“So if I'm not mistaken, I see a respondent who is in the middle of an operating room seems to be actively involved…

Trump indictment: Important takeaways from defense

He played the entire ex-president's now infamous "good people on both sides" response to the 2017 white supremacist meeting in Charlottesville, Virginia, which turned violent. Trump, Schoen noted, referred to peaceful protests the night before. (Although he did not mention that the gathering on Friday night contained torch-bearing men chanting "Jews will not replace us.)

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