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Spokane Insurance Agency Offers Savings on Combined Car and Homeowners Insurance Plans – Press Release

KBG Insurance & Finance, an insurance agency in Spokane, WA, is pleased to announce that they can offer customers savings of more than $ 1,000 per year when they combine car and homeowners insurance plans. The average savings that customers can enjoy is about 10 percent. This insurance agency is an insurance broker that gives people access to the best insurance companies like Allstate, Safeco, Travelers, Grange, Mutual of Enumclaw and Liberty Mutual. In addition, they feed a child in the community for every insurance they sell. Joshua Loera, a spokesman for the insurance agency, says: “Are you looking for…

Business Insurance Costs: What Small Businesses Need to Know | Hub

There is a lot that goes into finding out which cost of business insurance is right for your business. Being overinsured can be expensive for your small business today, but being underinsured can get really expensive very quickly if you do not have the coverage you need when you need to apply. In this article we will talk about: What type of business insurance your business may needHow business insurance costs are calculatedFactors that can affect insurance costsDecide what coverage your small business may needWays to save money on small business insuranceWhat business insurance really costsThe tools your growing business…

Is It Worth It For The Elderly To Buy Dental Insurance? – Press release

NEW YORK - March 3, 2021 - ( Seniors are often faced with a difficult choice when it comes to their dental health. Original Medicare offers no coverage for routine dental care and without employer support privately dental insurance for the elderly may be more expensive than expected. Here's how to calculate the best possible value for your dental insurance as a senior. Dental insurance and Medicare Original Medicare does not offer coverage for routine dental care. It can cover emergency dental treatments in a hospital, such as jaw fractures or oral infections, but fillings, root canals and cleansers will…

Best home-based business insurance 2021 • Benzinga

Whether it's your site or your main gig, home-based businesses can often simplify your life and improve your income and work-life balance. About 50% of companies are home-based, according to Small Business Administration. Your homeowners insurance is not designed to cover business needs, which is why it is important to purchase a home based business insurance policy. Learn more about corporate insurance and how it works. What is a home based business? A home-based business is a business that you run from your primary residence. Your home can serve as a temporary place while you start your business or it…

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