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Publication by advertiser If you have been convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI), insurance companies see you as a high risk and tend to increase your insurance rates. To help you navigate the process of finding the best DUI...

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MLB renews 7-ining double-headed, runner-up in extra features

Seven-inning double-heads and runners on second base to start extra innings will return for a second straight season according to an agreement for the 2021 health protocol reached Monday between Major League Baseball and the players' association.The deal did not include last year's experimental rule to extend the designated hit to the National League or extend the playoffs. After allowing 16 teams in the mail season last year instead of 10, MLB had proposed 14 for this year before withdrawing that plan last month.Last year's extended playoff agreement did not come together until hours before the season's first pitch.CLICK HERE…

Super Bowl LV Advertising: A Running List

Screenshot: Clockwise: Bud Light, Amazon, PringlesThe brands are on it again, people, more or less ruining the funniest part of any Super Bowl ads - by dropping them online early. Of course, there are several of the big players Bypass ads completely, curb the fear of going viral for the wrong reasons by pumping their expenses into COVID-19 relief. Of course, this leaves plenty of room for the more daring companies among us, many of whom have already started teasing their big ads. Below you will find such as Michael B. Jordan, Lil Nas X, Dolly Parton, John Cena and…

Fox News claims that it is “center-right.” This is certainly not.

When Fox News tries to calculate its place in a media landscape after Trump, the network has claimed that it is "middle-right". A ridiculous statement, say the critics - one that can easily be disproved by Fox's right-wing extremist prime covers but also by the tonal shift in a key talk at noon.Subnumber, which first debuted in 2014 as a female-led panel show (with a gimmicky "a lucky guy" as the only male panelist), has always stretched across Fox's increasingly blurred line sharing its "hard news" and opinions. But the show has long blinked at its "fair and balanced" references…

Arizona 55+ are now eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine under the new “hybrid” model

PHOENIX (3TV / CBS 5) - The Doug Ducey government has just announced a new "hybrid" approach to COVID-19 vaccinations, enabling Arizona people aged 55 and over to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.The new approach was launched Monday in the Phoenix area, and government officials say those 55 and older can begin their meetings at noon on Tuesday, March 2nd. In Arizona, 90% of COVID-19 deaths were people 55 years and older. And about 65% percent of those who are in the hospital because of COVID-19 fall into that age group. Arizona will continue its age-based approach to administering the vaccine.…

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