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MYX Fitness Bike review: A good Peloton alternative at half price

Today's best MYX Plus offersMYX Fitness Bike specifications:Award: $ 1,299Membership fee: 29 $ / monthMax weight: 350 lbsFlywheel weight: 41 lbsShow: 21.5-inch HD touch screenGuarantee: 12 monthsMYX Fitness provides a Peloton-rival experience that costs half the cost and half the time - literally, Peloton's freight estimates fall around two months, while your own MYX Fitness Bike can arrive in two weeks.In addition to faster accessibility for people hoping to achieve 2021 training goals, MYX Fitness Bike also cuts into Peloton's share of best exercise bikes with a softer $ 1,299 price tag, swivel screen and hundreds of custom heart rate-based…

I am pregnant and unsure of how to maintain my fitness. How should I train to take care of my child and myself?

It is not only safe but also good to stay active during pregnancy. Keep the intensity moderate and modify movements to protect your child and yourself. Listen to your body and consult a doctor if you are unsure. Read more Does it work here. Visit Insider's website for more stories. Dear Rachel,I have just found out that I am pregnant and want to know how to exercise healthily. I am on a slow and steady journey to get better and I want to continue. My exercise is currently a mix of ballet, weights and walking. What is the best way…

AM Limitless opens gym in central Lancaster and replaces Anytime Fitness

The owners of a boutique studio in Manheim Township have opened a new 24-hour gym in central Lancaster.AM Limitless opened last week at 221 N. Prince St., the former home of Anytime Fitness, which had not reopened since closing in March 2020 at the start of the coronavirus pandemic. AM Limitless is owned by Val Schulz and Christina Richardson.While I Am Limitless's 401 Granite Run Drive offers all group classes, the Lancaster Gym focuses on individual workouts and personal training. It has all the equipment from previous Anytime Fitness, including cardio machines, treadmills, ellipticals, rowing machines and strength machines previously…

43 Cheap Fitness Products People Call Their Most Amazing Finds Of The Year

I love working out, but I'll be honest: It's tough to stay motivated while exercising without the right equipment. Sure, you can always just use your body weight or do some cardio — but there are many cheap fitness products on Amazon that make working out way more fun and effective. Plus, so many people are calling them their most amazing finds of the year.Think of it this way: You could do tons of push-ups and jumping jacks without any gear, but you might get bored — and you won't continue to challenge different muscle groups. Adding in tools like…

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