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Choose new car insurance? Here are six types of coverage policies

article Your car insurance should be tailored to your needs and budget. Learn more about popular types of car insurance, additional coverage you can buy and tips for choosing the right insurance at the best price. (iStock) With so many insurance options available, choosing the right type of car insurance for your vehicle can be overwhelming. Depending on your driving habits, lifestyle needs and minimum requirements, it is easy to accidentally choose too much - or too little - automatic coverage. These are among the most common car insurance options available: Collision coverageExtensive coverageLiability coverageMedical payment coverageProtection against personal injuryUninsured…

Sini: The car insurance system targeted at East End Latinos

Four Suffolk County residents and a woman in Virginia accused of participating in a scheme to sell fraudulent car insurance to Latino victims in the East End have been arrested and are facing criminal charges, Suffolk District Attorney Timothy Sini said on Friday. The defendants deceived at least 120 victims, Sini said. The defendants helped Suffolk County residents register motor vehicles in Virginia and obtain Virginia license plates and registrations, prosecutors said. The victims would then be contacted by a representative of the "Protect Auto Insurance Company" - not a real insurance company - to create accounts. The victims were…

4 ways to get help if you do not have a flood insurance

If you need help, do not limit yourself to federal support. FEMA recommends that survivors contact their local emergency department to find more information on available resources.Local authorities may be able to point you to free meals, provide disaster relief and help with applications for federal aid.Non-profit organizationsNon-profit organizations come into action after a flood. One of the most famous is the American Red Cross, which offers protection, meals, cleaning supplies and sometimes one-on-one help with recovery planning."In some situations, the Red Cross can provide financial support directly to people who need extra help," Greta Gustafson, a spokeswoman for the…

UniVista Insurance is ready to help Floridians during the special registration period for Obamacare

MIAMI, February 19, 2021 / PRNewswire / - UniVista Insurance is ready to help society navigate the various health insurance options available on the Healthcare Marketplace during the new special registration period for Obamacare from February 15 to May 15, which provides a new opportunity for those who did not register by the end of 2020. Over the past year, many families have seen their incomes shrink to help these families. Registration is open and accessible through the provisions of the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare. "It is expected that in this new opportunity provided by the government, we…

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