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Lion provides Staley, Brunell, DeLeone to the brand new teaching workers

ALLEN PARK, Mich. (AP) Detroit Lions on Friday, Duce added Staley, Mark Brunell and Mark DeLeone to their teaching workers.Staley joins new coach Dan Campbell's workers as working again coach and assistant coach. Brunell would be the crew's quarterback coach and DeLeone will coach the linebackers.That is Staley's eleventh season as NFL coach. He spent the final decade with the Philadelphia Eagles - he was a particular high quality coach for groups earlier than taking up the working backs in 2013. He was additionally a fullback as a participant for the Eagles 1997-2003 and the Steelers 2004-06.Brunell performed quarterback 1993-2011…

The South Carolina GOP censors Rep. Tom Rice after his vote to accuse Trump

"We made our disappointment clear the night before the indictment. Trying to indict a president, with one week left in his term, is never legitimate and is nothing more than a political kick on the way out the door," South Carolina GOP chairman Drew McKissick said in a statement Saturday afternoon. "Unfortunately, Congressman Rice's voice played directly into the Democrats' game, and the people in his district, and ultimately our state executive committee, wanted him to know that they did not fully agree with his decision."Rice was one of 10 House Republicans who voted to accuse Trump earlier this month…

NASA’s Mars Rover Endurance Landing: Everything You Need to Know

The landing of NASA's next Mars Rover is now just a few days away.Car size Perseverance Rover, the center of NASA's $ 2.7 billion March 2020 mission, will hunt for signs of ancient life, collect and cache samples for future return to Earth, and help demonstrate a variety of new exploration technologies, among other tasks. But before it can embark on any of the groundbreaking work, perseverance must capture its touchdown inside Mars' Lake Crater on February 18th. There is no guarantee that the rover will survive this alarming ordeal; over the years, only 40% of all Mars missions have…

Vaccine waiting continues for New Yorkers with health problems, despite CDC guidance

Even as New York has expanded the number of healthy people who can get the coronavirus vaccine, it has struggled with tough decisions to extend the privileges to people with medical conditions that could make them extra vulnerable. The Andrew Cuomo government said on January 12 that New York would accept new federal guidance to increase vaccine availability for younger people with certain health problems, including those with weakened immune systems. The Democrat said government officials worked with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to determine what types of conditions would push someone closer to the top of…

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