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Virtual and online events have become an important part of the cultural and entertainment landscape in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please send event information, websites and access instructions to.

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Processor: iPhone 12 MagSafe reverse charge battery pack

Apple works with MagSafe-compatible battery packs that are compatible with iPhone 12 models and delicious Jon Prosser today said on Genius Bar podcast that a version of the battery pack will contain "reverse charge". According to Prosser, Apple is working on two versions of the battery pack, one which is a standard version and one which is a premium version with reverse charge. Prosser does not go into detail about reverse charging, but it probably means that the battery pack will be able to charge a ‌iPhone 12‌ at the same time as it is charged AirPods from the other…

Biden travels to the Capitol to respect Brian Sicknick

President Biden traveled to the Capitol on Tuesday night to pay tribute to Brian D. Sicknick, Capitol Police officer who died from injuries sustained in a January 6 bullying attack and whose remains were honored in the Capitol Rotunda.Mr Biden spoke to members of Sicknick's family in the days after he was killed, according to White House officials, but his visit to the Capitol was not announced until the president's motorcade left the White House. Jill Biden, the first lady, joined him.On Tuesday around kl. At 9.30 pm, Sicknick's remains were handed over to a quiet Capitol on a cold…

Biden calls for stricter gun laws on Parkland’s massacres

On Sunday, President Biden called for stricter gun laws on the anniversary of Parkland's school massacre, which left 17 dead and insisted that "the time to act is now." "In a matter of seconds, the lives of dozens of families and the lives of an American community changed forever," Biden said in a statement. He called on Congress to propose and adopt arms reform legislation, including requiring background checks on all arms sales and banning assault weapons. "We owe it to everyone we have lost and everyone who is left to mourn to make a change. The time to act…

Where can you find an N95 or high filtration mask for Biden’s 100-day challenge

The Biden administration has issued one mask mandate, which requires individuals to wear masks on federal property, and he encourages all Americans to wear them in public. for 100 days. Facial coatings are also required in aircraft, trains, buses and at airports, which renews questions about which types of masks provide the best protection against covid-19, and where to find them. The goal of the "100 Days Masking Challenge" is to limit the rapid spread of coronavirus, which has already killed more than 400,000 Americans. In fact, that one study was published on January 19 in the journal Lancet Digital…

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